Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Brian!

Happy Birthday to the wonderful love of my life! Hope you have a great day, and a good year of new things to come!

We had a nice dinner with family who were visiting, here is Brian with his candles! And below with the gift from me! I know what he likes! :-) (and he did just get to go on a great vacation after all!)
Dinner on the deck with a view.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Long time

As I mentioned last I posted we were on vacation and I had such a good time I never managed to post. I am in the middle of having my parents here still, and seeing other family this weekend and the usual laundry and unpacking after a trip. so this is just a teaser to say I am still here and will post lots more soon!

Many blessings!
 Lots of this!
 Sunrise Brian captured in SC Hilton Head
 My own Baywatch in Hilton Head :-) Quite a hunk isn't he? :-)
 On the boat for the first formal night

 Grand Caymon
 Waterfall we climbed in Jamaica
 Beautiful Jamaica.
Lots of stories and more pictures to come!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Last weekend in DC

Last Saturday we headed into DC for the first time after getting to the East coast. Because we live near and figure it was the first of many trips we didn't take on much but mostly just did the History museum. But first we headed to Georgetown because I had heard this mansion had the gardens open to the public for free that weekend so we checked it out. They were nice but we were glad to have done them for free. 

We loved the streets in Georgetown, and the architecture and buildings, it was nice just to walk through the neighborhoods. 

We drove by the FBI building, so had to snap a picture!
Brian was pulled from the crowd to participate in a "sit in" just like black students did at this soda counter in 1960, it was a "white counter" and they were asked to leave and just kept sitting there to make a point. 
From Disneyland!
Right from Judy Garlands food, they should be silver as per the book, movies get everything wrong! 
Right off Honest Abe's head the last night of his life, he wore it to the theater that night, we also decided that Brian is the same body type, height etc and Abe and I as his wife, funny huh!
We both loved this piece of WWII propaganda. I guess now when we ride alone you ride with oil tycoons who are destroying the planet or something, maybe they should bring the poster back. 
Berlin Wall
The things we now call "history" I am feeling old!

Julia Child's kitchen! She has everything labeled, it said so people who working in her kitchen with her knew where to put things away, not a bad idea really. 
C3PO from Stay Wars! may was that guy skinny! 

And that was our day, it was over 90 so we will do the outdoor stuff in the fall when its cooler and nice to walk outside. 
We are going on vacation for the next few weeks so I will try to post some of the trip but it might be a while. 

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