Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Journal

I am so excited I have been inspired for some time from Ann over at aholyexperience  to make what she calls a visual homaking journal. I used to always keep a notebook like this and still do but it used to be most sketches and fabric swatches and inspiration, but in the last years its just a place to write an outline from the sermon or someone contact info or some prayer requests, which is good, but very uninspiring. So I have done it I made one! And I am so excited! Of course from my last post on lack of camera, you will just have to imagine how amazing it is, because it is! I am already making lists and writing things down like a crazy person, and already I am glad, because half of the things on my grocery list I know I would have forgotten relying as I usually do on my memory, or more often on walking up each row knowing "I will remember it when I see it".
But best of all I have been jotting down my grateful things as I think of them which works so much better than sitting down at the computer and thinking over your day tiring to remember them. Plus despite this as evidence, I really love pen and paper. So now I just have to transpose my wonderful list to this formate! I hope I remember!

170. Hot soup on a cold day
171. Dropping into a soft couch!
172. Soft pillows in smooth sheets
173. Cloudy days! Perfect for...
174. long walks with birds, ducks and a good book for company!
175. quiet nights
176. cooking
177. Sweet prayer time with strangers who are now new friends
178. Going to bed early
179. Dinner waiting for me at home all done and ready to go!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Everytime I sit to write here I think "must get camera, must use camera". The trouble, as I have found it, of living in Europe is, everything seems picture worthy, then when you move back, nothing much seems picture worthy, a thing I am tiring to change. There are many thing worthy of pictures here, I stop and enjoy them often, I just don't take pictures of them. So I am sorry there are never pictures.
Wonderful Sunday, if you can have one while getting nothing accomplished, I think you can! It was a beautiful cold Sunny day, my favorite kind! We were privileged to hear from our paster 3 separate times over the weekend, no wonder I feel blessed! But I am also very challenged with setting a rule of life for my self  and working that through in my head as my day goes on. But I am excited to start this challenge!
We also went on a lovely bike ride (we have a tandem, or bicycle built for two, we are adorable) near the University in some wetlands, and explored together etc. It was a lovely day, and the best part of it all is, my bottom feels fine today! Its a mini miracle in my option because it never feels fine the next day! So because of my like of camera, you will have to trust me that the snow on the mountain peaks sparkled above the equally starkly water, and the blue blue sky. You had to be there. Had you been you would have seen my cute new workout outfit, which I call hobbit pants ( like Tolkin Hobbits if you are not in the know) that my husband assures me do not make my butt look big, but that I am not convinced about.
Anyway I am wandering way off topic.

160. Snow caped peaks on clear blue days
161. Driving with the window down!
162. Getting up and going home in daylight
163. Pulling dead plants to make way for new growth
164. Crocus popping from the ground
165. Evening Prayers
166. God faithfully meeting me in daily divine hours
167. A clean room, even if the expected visitors never needed it, clean non the less
168. Beautiful churched with unlocked doors
169. Beautiful woman seeking Him

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thankful Days

Interesting how so many things fall into place at once. Now that I have a "normal" job ie 9-5, that is to say except its really more like 7-6 but its all the same right! :-) Anyway now that I know where I will be next month and don't wonder day to day if I have a job, life seems very "daily". Very day in and day out always the same, constant lists, constantness. Everything you do needs to be done again, etc. Sound familiar, it might as its basically what the book of Ecclesiastes is all about. Well I am starting a new study on just that, and it wasn't really on purpose exactly, lots of reasons went into the topic choice and very few had to do with where I was at . At the same time I started reading a great book about the daily tasks woman paticuarly do over and over, like the dishes, which are never really done because you will always have them to do again the next day, can become like liturgy or daily meditation. Its very fascinating! It all comes together, ohh and the sermon Sunday talked about it too! Go figure!

151. So thankful for faithful woman who seek God and keep me encouraged to do the same
152. For wonderful books and new words "Quotidian"
153. Beautiful days!
154. A husband to take me out on a bicycle built for two for a banana split for valentines day.
155. And one who buys me a Anniversary (5 years for us!) gift 3 months early and hides it in plain site around the house so I have to look at it and wonder for months!
156. A wonderful mechanic who makes things work and I don't have to worry about knowing what was broken to start with! Its just all looked after and taken care of!
157. A working car! I don't have to bicycle to a date unless I want too! ;-)
158. Ask Wednesday Services tonight
159. A beautiful friend getting married and getting to be a part of making her feel beautiful

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

and the days go by...

I am still forever grateful, even if they go unwritten.
Just the month of writing them down I still remember to notice the little things, though they seem to go by me in a blur these days and not stay long to be contemplated over as they were.
143. A cloudy day after many clear ones, I like the mystery and faith of knowing the mountains are still there even if all you see is dense white cloud
144. All of the ladies as yet unknown who have signed up for my new bible study! How exciting to have 18 new ladies who want to join with as as we study Gods word together. God let me be an empty vessel so you can use me.
145. The blessing of getting a glimpse of what God might be doing and what His larger purpose for organize things as he has done.
146. A beautiful new baby born to a dear friend safe and healthy after 43 long hours of labor. God is amazing!

147. Dear ladies who seek God, old and new, getting to know new ladies and their hearts more dearly while listening to a wonderful ladies speaker.
148. Dear old friends to reconnect with over weekend to come, how I look forward to the fellowship we can rekindle.
149. A job each day, praise the Lord.
150. The Lords work He has kindly show me, and providing ways for me to come along in His work, how grateful I am for that!