Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thankful Days

Interesting how so many things fall into place at once. Now that I have a "normal" job ie 9-5, that is to say except its really more like 7-6 but its all the same right! :-) Anyway now that I know where I will be next month and don't wonder day to day if I have a job, life seems very "daily". Very day in and day out always the same, constant lists, constantness. Everything you do needs to be done again, etc. Sound familiar, it might as its basically what the book of Ecclesiastes is all about. Well I am starting a new study on just that, and it wasn't really on purpose exactly, lots of reasons went into the topic choice and very few had to do with where I was at . At the same time I started reading a great book about the daily tasks woman paticuarly do over and over, like the dishes, which are never really done because you will always have them to do again the next day, can become like liturgy or daily meditation. Its very fascinating! It all comes together, ohh and the sermon Sunday talked about it too! Go figure!

151. So thankful for faithful woman who seek God and keep me encouraged to do the same
152. For wonderful books and new words "Quotidian"
153. Beautiful days!
154. A husband to take me out on a bicycle built for two for a banana split for valentines day.
155. And one who buys me a Anniversary (5 years for us!) gift 3 months early and hides it in plain site around the house so I have to look at it and wonder for months!
156. A wonderful mechanic who makes things work and I don't have to worry about knowing what was broken to start with! Its just all looked after and taken care of!
157. A working car! I don't have to bicycle to a date unless I want too! ;-)
158. Ask Wednesday Services tonight
159. A beautiful friend getting married and getting to be a part of making her feel beautiful

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