Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home and Home, random reflections

Strange how we can have two homes. I find this comforting because if I can have two homes here on earth then maybe I can find a way to feel a little of home on this planet while always knowing my real home is yet to come. 
I feel so very blessed as I prepare this home for my absence and get ready to travel "home" to see many of you. So many can't even claim one home and I feel as though I have known many. 
I walk around my yard giving my plants one last good drink, on this warm Spring day. I am so grateful for what I have here, I pray for each lady in the bible study I started a few months ago, and that they did not want to take a break while I am gone, but have become so reliant on the time of fellowship and prayer we have they didn't want to stop, blessings! They will make coming back here so much easier, when leaving many of the people I love in Seattle might have been hard. 

Brian took these pictures the other day, he was spontaneously inspired by the "flowers" sprouting in our backyard he went out and started creating these works of art out of His works of art. (Even if they are truly weeds!) I do love my wonderful husband, I have been more blessed by him than any other, and I thank God for him daily. I love that he has these spouts of artistic in him, that he is capable of anything he sets his mind to, that he has started taking such pride in this little plot of land that is ours, that he always provides the logic I lack, that he knows what I need long before I know myself, he can read my emotions much better than I can, that he is the only person on the planet I can think of that I would want in the labor and delivery with me. That he is the only person I want to see when I have had a bad day. And even that he already knows how to change a diaper and isn't hesitant to do so, (thanks Mother-in-law!) how lucky am I!

As you read we just had our 6th Anniversary which makes me think over these things i love about him. But I also went though and read through the cards we received at our wedding from many of you. I am so blessed by them, by the marriage wishes you all sent those 6 years ago, and I look back and see how many of them have already come true. At who we were then and how far we have come, at the amazing hand God had on our lives leading up to that day, and how much I can see of that same leading and blessing hand in the 6 years since then. He never leaves us or forsakes us. I can truly look back and be as thankful for the hard times as the easy ones for what they have brought us in these years, and where we are because of them. 

I planted a garden this year for the first time and I have been so blessed by it even now. I am not growing milk, but am using them as small greenhouses to help the seedlings take hold. I kept meaning to post my gardening adventures but my pride help me back, I have failed at this endeavorer so many times I kept thinking I will wait to see if its going to grow before I make my failure public. Shame on me. 

I think I have deiced gardening is one of the best lessons in patiences, of which I need always! But sure enough these little seeds have started to sprout, and its a joy to see how they change day to day. I am reminded of so many lessons from the scripture in regards to growing, and many of them have take on such new meaning for me as i live this out by growing myself. 
He is faithful
His timing is perfect and not ours! (or the seed packets!)
We must be faithful in what He has asked of us

Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap. As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mothers womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things. Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let not your  hands be idle. for you do not know which will succeed, weather this or that, or weather both will do equally well.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

6 years ago...

I married my best friend, and I am so happy to still call him the same. I feel lucky each day I am blessed with his company. He is much to good for me, and I am thankful for him all the time!
We were not feeling flush this year a decided to get away and finally visit Shenandoah, we had been planning to get there since we moved here 8 months ago! Took us long enough! So it was a great excuse, and we figured a good last chance to get out camping without a baby to tote along. You don't need tons of details on our weekend but I know the Mothers will enjoy seeing these so I will let the pictures do most of it and just walk you through what they are. Most Brian took, you can tell because they are the good shots. 
Our first impression of the park was not much but white, we rose just high enough to be completely in the fog, but the forecast was for beautiful weather the next day so we hung in there hoping for the best the next day.

We drove slowly!
There were deer everywhere!

A short little hike in the fog

Quite magical really, I had visions of Narnia, not sure why!

After checking out the various sites and things, we ditched the plan of roughing it, left the tent in the car and Brian booked a room at the last min. They had had lots of cancellations because of the possibly government shutdown, the park might have been closed so we got a great deal on a room with one of the best views in the park. Or so they told us as all we could see that day was white. I was excited to see a bed in the end and promptly took a nap!

Enjoying our very own deck, with the white view in the wet drizzle, I must say I did feel at home!

Making Brian a gourmet Anniversary dinner! 

He said it was great!

We wandered out after to the dinning room for a nice dessert! And this was on the way!

Later that night in just a few moments the white fog shifted and we got our first glimpse of a view, the is the Shenandoah Valley

And come morning the view again, no more fog but clouds settled over the Valley. We are on the Blue Ridge Mountains and looking over to the Smokey's 

We did a short hike up to one of the highest points, (almost 4000 feet, they were very proud to tell you!)

At the top

This is part of the appalachian trail we were on going to the top, Brian likes his close ups!

And a few last views as we drove home. It was a great weekend, just the right amount of relaxing, hiking and beauty! We enjoyed some quality time together before I leave him for a few weeks while I come back to Seattle to see many of you! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

House done!

I had a little party the other day and realized i kept planning to take more pictures of the house when it was "done" which of course it never is. but i am done for now until after baby at least with upstairs, and as i cleaned for guests i took the chance to take some updated pictures. hope you enjoy!

Above is the nook in our master bedroom, I am useing the end section of the couch we bought for downstairs for hereat least for now, its a great reading corner.

Nurcery slash sewing room while i attempt to get caught up on babyswho have been born some time ago and are still without their Rochelle made quilt, I am shamfuly behind but making up time. Also the beautiful bassenette you see is on loan from a dear friend. I am just missing a rocking chair, on the hunt for the perfect one!

My hall bath which has become my favorite, its all sea green and brown which I am loving the combo. I loved how this room turned out!

Living room, much as it is all the time which the exception of two extra chairs for lots of people that night, so its more tight than normal.

Looking into the kitchen. LOVE my island, best thing i bought, thanks to both my mothers kind generousity! I think of them when I use it, and it was ideal for a group coming over for potluck!

Cat has made herself right at home, maybe to much so!

And the other angle of the livingroom as seen from the dinning "room". Thats the front door you can see and the dolls I brought out for our youngest visitor expected that night for dinner.

And lastly a very messy bedroom with Brian checking his e-mail on the bed, and a baby gift that came in the mail that day still out in front of him. This is the view from the door, we each have a dresser on either side of the bed you can't see.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cherry Blossoms!

Sunday we went to the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival! Brian's idea, and it was a good one! I was also blessed to go to town early and visit a wonderful church I have heard about that some distant family who lives in town goes too. So nice to worship with them! And get to see and play with their little boys!
Just behind Brian's head is the Washington Monument, but you will have to take my word for it! :-)

For all you who have been wanting to see the belly, this gives you a little idea, and the rest you can see in person in about a week! 
Brian was a little worried about Pregnant me climbing this tree! Geeze Brian this is ME we are taking about! (I was perfectly fine!) 

Lots of fun had by all, there was a outdoor theater and we sat on the lawn and enjoyed some darling Indian girls doing traditional Indian dancing, and then a roots rock group. 

Also to you who track this, sorry its been an age, but I have not felt great the last few weeks and when I did I was getting things ready for my trip to Seattle! So I will see many of you soon! I am getting very excited! And for you who are keeping track of these things I am officially in my third trimester as of two days ago! So I guess this is the final stretch!