Tuesday, April 5, 2011

House done!

I had a little party the other day and realized i kept planning to take more pictures of the house when it was "done" which of course it never is. but i am done for now until after baby at least with upstairs, and as i cleaned for guests i took the chance to take some updated pictures. hope you enjoy!

Above is the nook in our master bedroom, I am useing the end section of the couch we bought for downstairs for hereat least for now, its a great reading corner.

Nurcery slash sewing room while i attempt to get caught up on babyswho have been born some time ago and are still without their Rochelle made quilt, I am shamfuly behind but making up time. Also the beautiful bassenette you see is on loan from a dear friend. I am just missing a rocking chair, on the hunt for the perfect one!

My hall bath which has become my favorite, its all sea green and brown which I am loving the combo. I loved how this room turned out!

Living room, much as it is all the time which the exception of two extra chairs for lots of people that night, so its more tight than normal.

Looking into the kitchen. LOVE my island, best thing i bought, thanks to both my mothers kind generousity! I think of them when I use it, and it was ideal for a group coming over for potluck!

Cat has made herself right at home, maybe to much so!

And the other angle of the livingroom as seen from the dinning "room". Thats the front door you can see and the dolls I brought out for our youngest visitor expected that night for dinner.

And lastly a very messy bedroom with Brian checking his e-mail on the bed, and a baby gift that came in the mail that day still out in front of him. This is the view from the door, we each have a dresser on either side of the bed you can't see.

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