Saturday, August 17, 2013

Backpacking with two babies!

We might have had a brief lapse in judgment but more likely are just crazy enough, we decided to go backpacking with both kids! Won't that be fun! And remarkably, it was!
Now I have to mention before I go on that we backpack a lot, or did before children and have done with the first baby so its not out of the ordinary and we are confident in our skills. That being said babies are unpredictable and you can never plan for them completely. But we got lucky!

Getting ready to hit the trail

Hiking with my babies

Beautiful trail

We came accross a beautiful little beach and swimming hole

Eleanor started rock climbing! And Daddy showed her how to slide down rocks into the water.

After a nice swim we hiked to our camping spot just in time for a late afternoon rest, where I discovered Eleanor can unzip a tent! Not the most successful rest, but relaxing all the same.
Dinner time!
Instant brown rice, curry spices, coconut flakes, pouch of chicken with sliced almonds on top!
Kitchen with a view!
And a little flat bread to go with it!

  As I was sitting by the river watching a very happy family I realized just how little it takes. Not one toy, no snack cups, sippy cups, not even books to keep them busy. (though I do have to admit to reading bedtime stories on the kindle) The two year old was seen playing with rocks named Mama, Daddy, baby, and sister, playing with them like she would her dolls at home. It just goes to show how little you need.
For the rest of you who really want the nitty gritty how to make this possible I will include our packing list at the end of this post.

She had a live mobile of leaves and butterflies, with real running water sound track, what more could a baby ask for!

Diaper change! She loves to smile at whoever is changing her! Now off to bed.

We all piled into out two man tent, smaller than a full size bed, and the fun part started! Our two year old always sleeps alone so being with us was all together too much excitement. So after much effort we gave in and played sesame street from my tablet, not the reason I brought it mind you and she never uses it but for last case scenarios and this was one. Baby did great, slept above my head, woke at 5 or so to eat as usual, but so did Eleanor, and she did not go back to sleep. Between 10 and 5 I slept well! A one night trip is just right for everyone!

View with breakfast. 

After an early start both girls took a nap after breakfast and Daddy found a nice spot to read.

A little cuddle interrupted my book.

Our camp site

Lunch time swim

Everyone sitting on a rock in the middle of the river

Mama eating lunch "in peace" haha

And right before we left to head home one of the many butterflies that had been watching flying around us landed on my nalgene! Amazing, it let us get right up close. Most of the butterflies we had been watching all week actually, were bigger but this one, but it was so intricate, perfect, small and marvelously made it reminds me of Hazel Grace. Small and easy to miss but the most precious of all. 

 If you are wondering what has inspired me to post and do so many fun things lately its an easy answer, 80 degrees and not humid! Its amazing how inspired you can be when its nice to walk out the front door! I have been hiding indoors for the last few months, not much to report!

Packing list for the few of you who care! :-) You know who you are!
All into two packs, and not super heavy when we were done either
REI half dome tent
one queen duvet cover, we slept in it like a big sleeping bag as it was warm enough not to want sleeping bags, 60 maybe 55 at the closest at night.
One fleece blanket over us all, Eleanor between our legs over the duvet and under the fleece.
One swaddling blanket for baby
One warm (fleece for the kids) and one cool set of clothes each, we slept in the warm ones.
Bathing suite each, one small quick dry towel to share
Two head lamps
Dinner, Breakfast (oatmeal) lunch (dehydrated lentil soup) Nothing special for the kid, she ate with us or not at all, no snacks or usual kid food of any kind.
One camp stove, pot, two cups, two bowls, two spoons.
Shovel and toilet paper
15 babywipes
6 toddler diapers, 8 baby diapers, one cloth diaper cover (sunbaby 6 for 36$ highly recommended if you are looking for all in ones) for swimming, and a few spit up cloths/old fashioned cloth diapers I could double as an insert for the cover if we needed a few more than I imagined.
One bottle per baby and emergency formula in case of breast issues.
Fold-able hats all around
One receiving blanket to change diapers on and have a place to lay baby in dirt all around.
Camera of course

We even had room for luxury's! A small folding camp chair each and even a pillow for Mama! Whoo Hoo! Ohh and a few pacifiers just to be safe! :-) And a kindle for each of the grownups! Reading is an important part of nature in this family!
I felt like I could start to see how the wagon trains managed after all, you can get by with very little if you have reason!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Celebrating 80 degrees

Its 80 out and that's reason enough for the Graham's to celebrate. So we went for an impromptu hike to a favorite swimming beach. I think the locals thought we were crazy to swim but 80 is plenty warm in our minds!
Two year old's are slow hikers! But they remind you that every leaf truly is amazing!
This was a 1.2 mile hike and she walked on her own for a full mile of it! Even after we woke her up from a short nap to bring her hiking, we were impressed!

This was how we walked, Brian hanging back to keep and eye on Eleanor and I keeping a steady slow pace to lull Hazel to sleep! 

Explaining what roots are after pointing out many fallen trees up to this point.

I want to climb! And did, she would have gone all the way up the trunk if he had let her.

Talking about knee's. Did you know you have two of them! Everything is fascinating when your two. 

Hazel enjoying her little carved out hollow away from the wind.

Attempting a family picture

Flowers were blooming in the wetlands.

Enjoying the view on the hike out

(In case you are concerned she is so small on my back not front, she holds her back up very strong these days, but I till just do it for short trips)

Friends post about our outing

Go check out this blog post reviewing one of my favorite places. We go often, its close to our house. Then come back and see more cute pictures of my kid. :-)

She rudely did not post nearly enough pictures of my baby! :-) 

Monday, August 12, 2013

A day in the life

Just a little glimpse into our day, an unusual day where we stayed home all day.
Eleanor decided she was going to dress herself today! I like the shorts tuned mini skirt, she might be more like Mommy than I thought looks like she restyled her clothes. The shoes are my favorite part.

Hazel hang'in out as usual

Eleanor staying busy with a new "toy"

Hazel snoozing in her swing

Hang'in out with Mama

A meal and back to sleep while Eleanor naps

Welcoming Daddy home from work

Eleanor's nap

Everyone's awake and out to play with Daddy, the purple ball over the playground with hands attached is Eleanor

Dinner time! Yumm!

What a day!

After dinner "Baby Signing time" watching while Mom and Dad get to finish dinner with actual conversation! Almost a date!

Hazel almost holding her own pacifier in place!

Coloring! Thanks Aunt Michelle and cousins for the coloring pages!

Show me your art! Little bit of help from Mama

Cuddle before bed and after bath.

Night night! Me wake you up all night? With this face! Must be that other baby...
(Hungry girl last night wanted to eat every 2 hours, might start growing fast now...)