Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things I like

I was asked recently if I was liking it here where we now live and I had to think about it, it just is I had not thought much about it. But now that I have here it is..

What I like about living in the South...

First of all, you might wonder, the South you say, don't you live near DC, well in fact we do, about an hour and a bit South of DC. And moving here I had no idea it was the South, but if you ask anyone who lives here they all consider it the South so I will take their word on it. I have come to found out these things are still based very much on the Civil War, and the front line was often about 10 miles North of here which puts us in the Confederate camp, so therefore in the South. Back to what I like..

Men open the door for you
Now granted men do that in the NW to sometimes, and I am used to it as my husband always does. But, I am talking old grisly truck drivers at the gas station, which was a first certainly, not just that but while I was a full 10 steps away, he stood there and waited for me. And seeing as I am pregnant and have need of a bathroom more than usual lately I went back a few hours later and it happened again, and as I was leaving someone else was having the door help for them too, so it was clearly not a one time deal.

People are conservative, and just assume you must be too.
I am sure its just me, but its amazing. Everyone is very right wing and they wouldn't imagine for a second that you aren't too, and they are so open about it. Its the craziest thing!

I feel very certen I will regret this next year when they are all over my own yard and I have to deal with them. But, they are beautiful, and they are all colors and blow in the wind, so great!

Shooting guns off the back porch.
Now granted some do this in WA also, but out here its great, the guys all get together and show off their guns to one another and shoot right off the back porch. Men really are men out here!

And last but not least, everyone says Merry Christmas!
There is none of that PC Happy Holidays stuff here, every casher and random person who greets you wishing you a Merry Christmas, I have not been Happy Holidayed once, its remarkable!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Parade

We spend Saturday in town and toped it off with the Fredricksburg Christmas parade, lots of boy and girl scouts, dance company's, car clubs, police motorcycles, and ROTC from the University, but I loved the backdrop of town where every building you see in this shot was there when George Washington road through to build a home for his Mother to retire to, its about 5 blocks from the parade route.

A bunch of police motorcycles did an amazing formation riding

And I even found a great spot to watch from. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Soo Soo Tired!

These days I have been soo very tired! Its amazing to me! Its like I have mono all over again. I will be glad for my second trimester which is around Dec 20th so in time for the Holiday which is nice I hope. They say you feel best in the second trimester so I hope to get my energy back then. Regardless of lazying around the house I am thankful for so many things!

Not throwing up, seems like a small thing but I am so very thankful each day I don't
My wonderful forgiving husband who lets me be lazy and not take care of him as usual and he is so sweet, and waits on my hand and food.
That I don't have to drag myself to work these days, I am truly thankful, and feel nothing but respect and ahh for the woman who do
To be blessed with maybe buying a home which will have an even lower mortgage than I imagined!
To live in a beautiful part of the world, even if its not snowing when I want it to! (this was taken from my bedroom window, blows my mind daily)

I am grateful each day that I know when the next paycheck is coming, what a blessing this simple thing is.
Wonderful Sunday fellowship with new friends
Visitors coming soon!
Christmas Parades!

Monday, November 29, 2010

New York! New York!

Feel free to sing as you read this! Its hard to resist!
We traveled 5 hours and $20 in toll's to New York City on Thanksgiving! We had our turkey at some nice people from church who were kind enough to invite us over. Two other couples about our age who also moved here to work at the base, and don't have family near. We had a wonderful time and all got along really well. Then we hit the road and got to NY late. We stayed with a friend of an old friend who lives in the east Village and was away for the weekend and kind enough to let us all use him place! Thanks Alan! You rock!
After a great night sleep in the city, we road the subway and headed for the free Stanton Island ferry. Who knew some things are still free! It sails right by the
Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and gives you a great view of the downtown area. 

We then headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was wonderful. Very pleasant surprise, as I had no plan to go to it and hadn't looked into what was there at all. But there is a new mosaic found in Israel that is on loan right now so we were soo lucky to have seen it. And amazing find as it is in almost perfect condition, and whole. We couldn't take pictures but here it is from the web. 

Where to next, regrouping with the map on the museum front steps.

Whats New York without stopping at times square of course. It was nice because the whole city was quiet and had less people than usual as most people go away for the Holiday. 

The next day Rose was not feeling well which was really sad, but it worked out well that we could keep her Dad company so we headed out for Central park, it was a beautiful sunny day. 

The Plaza Hotel

Brian loves this shot he got

St Patricks

Dinner in the East Village, we were really hungry and not feeling great. 

It was so much fun to be in a city with the people and hub bub again. Perfect combined with a nice little apartment to go home to when you get tired of all the noise.  I realized while we were walking around, that when I was home with morning sickness when it was worst, I think I went 10 days without seeing another human being other than Brian. Strangely I didn't mind at all. But it was a great change of pace to visit NY and see great old friends from home too. There is nothing like people who have known you since you were young. And in Brian's case Rose's Dad was there when he was born, so has known him a very very long time.    

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby on the way!

Its official, and you likely heard already but we are expecting! Little overwhelming as Friday we had our first ultrasound and heard the heartbeat etc, and an hour later had our contract for the house ratified. I guess when it rains it pours! Everything all at once.
I have been a lazy blogger as I have been busy being tired all the time and nauseous all the time. But I am getting a better handle on it and figuring out what helps and am getting back to normal. The current due date it July 2nd.
 Don't worry if you think this looks like a blob, its not just you. We did get a better view during the ultrasound than what the took the picture of.
The house is in full swing, we had the inspection Sunday and found a few things that make us nervous, as it was flipped you want to know what they did they did right but now it looks like it was not inspected by the city as it should have been so you have to wonder what you can't see. Otherwise it has nothing major wrong just a little unsettling, as its not legal to not have it inspected. So we will see what they agree to take care of and if it makes us feel better about the whole thing.  But its all very stressful and I will be glad when its all behind us. I can't wait to really move in and have all our stuff delivered and get settled for good.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New House

Looks like we may have bought a house! I can hardly believe it! The sellers sent a counter offer that we liked and we signed it. So we still have inspection and such to get through but we should be all set, closing date is set for Dec 21st, so should be a great Christmas gift. I am still in a state of shock I think, we will see as it sets in. It was flipped so its all new inside. So we can move right in and not do a thing which is so nice. Its 2000 sqf which is amazing, but it feels smaller which I love because its like a rambler with everything upstairs and family guest and laundry down, so I hope I mostly just have to clean the upstairs 1000sqf. I like that most everything is on the one level. It have a nice big master and master bath. Anyway you can see the listing, address and pictures here.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Vetrens Day

Brian as a veteran got in free at Mt Vernon, George Washington's home yesterday. So we thought it would be a great cheap day out, and appropriate celebration of the day as well. It a wonderful place to visit, one of my all time favorites, they have added one of the best museums ever all about his life also which alone would be worth the trip.

But the day being special they had a wonderful group of retired veterans who sing old barber shop quartet kind of songs and included all the armed forces songs which was lots of fun. They were great.

We were also able to hear from lady Washington our hostess herself, which was loverly.

They is a wreath laying ceremony held every year by the sons and daughters of the american revolution, and we were able to hear the rife and drum accompany some nice words as some active duty woman laid the wreath and then all the attending veterans were given and flower to lay as well.

And we finished the day by hearing the Air Force Strings play a selection of Washington area music, they were also fantastic.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So Much

So much going on I will never catch up so I don't think I will try. My In-laws are here for a week and we spend the day yesterday in DC, walked our feet off, and are completely worn out today but had a great time. Makes me so grateful to be in the country I am. I always love Lincoln, and its boring but its the best. I stood in the cold with my almost 10 year old sister-in-law and read both speeches out loud. It was so neat and every time I have done this I take something new away from Lincolns words. He laces his speeches in scripture for all to see if you know to look for it. In his time everyone would have known where he was getting much of what he said and I wonder if that's the case for those reading them to day. He talked of war, and Gods will, and his righteousness, no one speaks like this anymore and I can't help but wonder how things would be different if they did.

I also visited the WWII memorial for the first time as it was not built the last time I was there at 17, and it was inspiring. Its what all the war memorials should be, and is so deserved by the many who gave their lives and those who came home from that war. I love how equal amount of the space is given to the Pacific as the war in Europe, so often this is not true and I was glad to see it as I had Grandfathers in both.

I also saw Roosevelt's memorial for the first time and it was truly inspiring too, what a great man who came beyond so many hardships and lead the country through many tragedy's its remarkable.
Great surprises
sunny weather
leaves and pumpkins
my wonderful hubby
cold crisp winter coming
That God always knows whats best
And He and Brian know what I need before I do myself.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Brian!

Happy Birthday to the wonderful love of my life! Hope you have a great day, and a good year of new things to come!

We had a nice dinner with family who were visiting, here is Brian with his candles! And below with the gift from me! I know what he likes! :-) (and he did just get to go on a great vacation after all!)
Dinner on the deck with a view.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Long time

As I mentioned last I posted we were on vacation and I had such a good time I never managed to post. I am in the middle of having my parents here still, and seeing other family this weekend and the usual laundry and unpacking after a trip. so this is just a teaser to say I am still here and will post lots more soon!

Many blessings!
 Lots of this!
 Sunrise Brian captured in SC Hilton Head
 My own Baywatch in Hilton Head :-) Quite a hunk isn't he? :-)
 On the boat for the first formal night

 Grand Caymon
 Waterfall we climbed in Jamaica
 Beautiful Jamaica.
Lots of stories and more pictures to come!