Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things I like

I was asked recently if I was liking it here where we now live and I had to think about it, it just is I had not thought much about it. But now that I have here it is..

What I like about living in the South...

First of all, you might wonder, the South you say, don't you live near DC, well in fact we do, about an hour and a bit South of DC. And moving here I had no idea it was the South, but if you ask anyone who lives here they all consider it the South so I will take their word on it. I have come to found out these things are still based very much on the Civil War, and the front line was often about 10 miles North of here which puts us in the Confederate camp, so therefore in the South. Back to what I like..

Men open the door for you
Now granted men do that in the NW to sometimes, and I am used to it as my husband always does. But, I am talking old grisly truck drivers at the gas station, which was a first certainly, not just that but while I was a full 10 steps away, he stood there and waited for me. And seeing as I am pregnant and have need of a bathroom more than usual lately I went back a few hours later and it happened again, and as I was leaving someone else was having the door help for them too, so it was clearly not a one time deal.

People are conservative, and just assume you must be too.
I am sure its just me, but its amazing. Everyone is very right wing and they wouldn't imagine for a second that you aren't too, and they are so open about it. Its the craziest thing!

I feel very certen I will regret this next year when they are all over my own yard and I have to deal with them. But, they are beautiful, and they are all colors and blow in the wind, so great!

Shooting guns off the back porch.
Now granted some do this in WA also, but out here its great, the guys all get together and show off their guns to one another and shoot right off the back porch. Men really are men out here!

And last but not least, everyone says Merry Christmas!
There is none of that PC Happy Holidays stuff here, every casher and random person who greets you wishing you a Merry Christmas, I have not been Happy Holidayed once, its remarkable!

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