Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a difference

What a difference a loaf of bread makes. Bread Recipe What therapy it is to have things accomplished. I was home and relaxed with my hubby long enough to rally round and then was able to get some bread baked, boil down and strip that old roast chicken into wonderful broth for soups to come, chop up and free the veggies that are starting to go. Just having laundry put away is such a pleasure, why is that? I still have a million things to do tonight but at least I know those are out of the way. The Holiday season is on us so that won't stop, but I am thrilled to have a simple Holiday this year, most of our family has agreed not to do gifts, so I have only 5 things to buy most of which are done. What wonderful time I will have to do other Christmas pleasures!

60. Clean laundry
61. Warm bread
62. Wonderful aroma's coming from the kitchen
63. Curling up on the couch with my husband
64. Sleeping on the bus on the way to work
65. Having my husband see me off this morning
66. Quiet calming fog out the window
67. Reconciliation only God can bring
68. Lives changed, Praise God
69. He never leaves us no matter what

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye Heavenly host
Praise father son and Holy Ghost!

Many blessings to you and yours!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hard Days

holy experience

I knew the day would come when I started this that it would be much harder than expected. I did not think it would come so soon! Its hard to think of reasons to be grateful today! I accomplished nothing over the weekend and have to come tom work anyway knowing my house is waiting to greet me when I get home with all its messes. I ... you know all day I have been playing out all the reasons in my head why I don't feel like being Thankful today and now that I am here writing it feels so unnecessary to put words to them and show-how give the reasons more power over me than they have already. Sick tired in pain, why do I need to talk about it, as I meant to write about these things as soon as I am here writing, thanks are coming to mind so why fight it, and praise be to God and the Spirit for keeping my mind where it should be.
51. Husbands
52. Friends to chat with through the day and keep it light
53. Crafts to keep our hands busy
54. Hot stew on a cold day
55. Dreams of snow for the weekend!
56. Mountains just shining in the barely light
57. Roast chicken and mashed potatoes waiting for me!
58. New Shoes
59. Almost the end of the month and staying on budget!
60. A car that works to drive me home!

Friday, November 20, 2009


"... Give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

More encouragement to keep it up. I need it all! Days get busy and fly by, and hardly have time to pause, to turn our eyes on Him and acknowledge, isn't that all He wants, a brief acknowledgment? Don't we all have time for that and yet another day past without hardly a thought. 
"Holy Sprit help me to remember, bring things to my eyes that will make me pause and take those moments to look to the Father" 
40. My husband visiting with a hug mid day
41. Him taking the car in to be fixed during my work day buying me a few more hours this weekend! Huge blessing!
42. Pleasant cheerful people on the phone
43. A weekend ahead
44. A wonderful church
45. Christmas cards almost done, one thing down!
46. Being thankful when I don't feel like it, and feeling better for it.
47. A night out with my hubby
48. Sleeping in tomorrow!!!!!
49. Holidays to come

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Thankfulness

No good, I am struggling already, mostly because it has been a busy day and I have not had time to think on them all day. Which means no time for memorization either, oh no! Well maybe after my work day has ended. We will see.
30. For the amazing creation of new life
31. A compliment from my boss!
32. The mountains coming back out from the clouds just in time for twilight, its beautiful!
33. Chopin and a comfortable couch at lunch with Gods word
34. Blogs that bless me daily, those faithful woman of God
35. Bible study with other faithful friends tonight
36. An evening with my hubby, fun at Costco over :"dinner"
37. Finding great deals on Christmas presents we can afford to bless the children in our lives with
38. Rain, wonderful rain on a good dry coat, nothing better, I know its strange and I can't explain but its true
39. Dinner made over the weekend waiting at home for me

That was easy, I underestimated myself 5 min, thats all it took and 10 things easy! I am encouraged, now if I can just have surprise quite time to memorize!
I was greatly encouraged to keep this up by this post today! Another good reason to keep it up!
As I look out the window to the distance, all I can see if white the fog is thick. Yet yesterday I had a view for miles of those beautiful snow toped peaks. But they are still there, I know they are there if I can see them or not. Why does God test out faith like this, sometimes I feel He sets a fog up in front of Him and I can’t see the hand in front of me, yet He was there before and I know He is there still regardless of my vision.  Oh how we wait for the sun to return.
Though I was reading in  RainCity Pastor  and in the article he linked to about another dark age coming, as with the fall of Rome many things were forgotten including technologies of all kinds but other things also. If we are in the fog long, how long will it take to forget what the view for miles and the mountains looked like? I fear we soon forget, and being in Seattle were the winters are often dark I think we are often surprised by the Spring having almost forgotten that it was like.
“Lord, thank you for your Word and help us to always look to it as a reminder of Your promises to us and what we are looking toward. Help us to never forget. If we are going into the winter of days may we always remember the light on the mountains and the beautiful view we once enjoyed and will enjoy again.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back to Memorization

holy experience

So many things today, I am inspired once again by A holy experience on scripture memorization. I was in a Bible Quiz team all through Middle and High school where we memorized a book of the New Testament each year. I have experienced so fully the wonderful benefit of having the word hidden in your heart. And though I have not been actively memorizing in my adult life (shame on me) I have had so many of these wonderful nuggets of Gods truth come to mind in just such a time as they are needed. I rarely remember the reference but there is no mistaking Gods truth.

And so to that end I am going to try to start again! Psalm 19 has always been my favorite and as I have memorized New Testament in the past I am excited to have a Psalm.

Psalm 19
 1The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handywork.
 2Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night showeth knowledge.
 3There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.

A good start for today anyway.

But not to forsake my daily thanksgiving that’s are brimming from me as I train my mind to look for them they seem to creep up everywhere, isn’t that the great nature of our Lord, if we would but train our eyes to look or seek we always find. Praise God!

21. Fog rolling over a body of water before your very eyes
22. For freshly snow dusted mountains in the distance, like a beautiful promise of things to come when you reach them
23. Lunch with Mother
24. Family even when they make you crazy, they are always there for you
25. Date Night even when its dinner at “the club” (Costco that is)
26. A husband that wants and makes time for date night, even when its a trip to Costco
27. Finding other believers in the work place, and then to discover they are doing the same Beth Moore study as church as you are across town!
28. Watching the clouds settle back down over the mountains, knowing they will be back tomorrow, even if I can’t see them
29. A quiet night at home
30. Nice cold glass of iced water at the end of a long day

Blessings Because of Trials

I feel blessed today. After good conversation with friends last night I realize more and more how blessed I have been through my spiritual Journey. I have had very clear up and downs, but as I can look back through the down times I am so clearly able to see Gods hand at work. What an amazing gift. I watch others struggle with knowing if God has the best for them and if He is faithful and wants only good for them, and I amazing never have these questions in my heart. I am so very grateful he has led me to know His love for me and to clearly have seen it. Because without being able to look back at what he has done and how He has always been faithful, and loving and worked it out for my good, and always provided, I would not know so confidently that He will do it again.
I love my oldest Bible, when I open it, it falls open easily to pages that have been long open and worn, old friends whom I have visited much. It also falls open to reveal all the old tokens tucked into the pages over the years, a flower, pictures of friends who were once meaningful in my life story and now long forgotten, prayers on scraps of paper once pressed into my hands by Godly woman, bookmarks with verses long ago memorized, and child's drawings given with love many years past. Its a great reminder of my story, how it has been made and where it has come from. may I never forget. 
“He works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called together for His purpose.“
“Bless the Lord o my soul, with ALL that is within me Bless His Holy Name!” Ps 103

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


holy experience

I have been so inspired by so many woman’s blogs, and encouraged to remember to be grateful, and as I consider my blogging to have an excuse to turn my eyes on Him, and readjust my focus throughout the day.
I feel so amazingly blessed, and yet life is hard and I have very little in my day to day that is not challenging or difficult, and yet I feel blessed. I also feel full of joy and peace though very little in my day to day is particularly pleasant or fun. Isn’t God amazingly good! Only He can give us these inexplicable emotions that have no logical connection to our condition. I love this about our God. And so I will start listing the many things He has blessed me with, lest I ever forget.
1.      1.         My husband wrapping me in his arms when I get home at night
       The fall, wonderful leaves changing
       A job, even if just for now and His perfect provision just when we need it
       For new life when you first hear a pregnancy has begun
       The view out my work window, to snow capped peaks many days and the beautiful place I am blessed to live.
       For wonderful rain and fresh air while you walk with hot coffee in hand
       For my car breaking this month when I have the money to fix it and not the last few months when I wouldn’t have been able to.
       Whispered conversations with my husband in the dark late of night in the pillows
       For woman of God who encourage me daily through their questions and conversation about this walk we share
   A beautiful hot cup of tea on a cold afternoon
   The silence of a walk in the snow, may there be many more
   The wonderful Advent season to come
   Family who bless many days and sometimes not but for always being there to turn to
   Wonderful Godly parents who have always pointed my way to Christ in everything they did
   Little opportunities to serve people with God’s love
   Small quiet still moments with God in my day
   A home to live in, even if it’s not mine
   My homes beautiful surroundings that I enjoy each and every day
   Warm bread from the oven
   Food made with another’s loving hands

If I do 10 a day it will take 100 days to reach 1000 which was the challenge, I have a good start today but we will see as the time goes on how hard it is to come up with 10 each day.