Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Thankfulness

No good, I am struggling already, mostly because it has been a busy day and I have not had time to think on them all day. Which means no time for memorization either, oh no! Well maybe after my work day has ended. We will see.
30. For the amazing creation of new life
31. A compliment from my boss!
32. The mountains coming back out from the clouds just in time for twilight, its beautiful!
33. Chopin and a comfortable couch at lunch with Gods word
34. Blogs that bless me daily, those faithful woman of God
35. Bible study with other faithful friends tonight
36. An evening with my hubby, fun at Costco over :"dinner"
37. Finding great deals on Christmas presents we can afford to bless the children in our lives with
38. Rain, wonderful rain on a good dry coat, nothing better, I know its strange and I can't explain but its true
39. Dinner made over the weekend waiting at home for me

That was easy, I underestimated myself 5 min, thats all it took and 10 things easy! I am encouraged, now if I can just have surprise quite time to memorize!
I was greatly encouraged to keep this up by this post today! Another good reason to keep it up!

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