Thursday, November 19, 2009

As I look out the window to the distance, all I can see if white the fog is thick. Yet yesterday I had a view for miles of those beautiful snow toped peaks. But they are still there, I know they are there if I can see them or not. Why does God test out faith like this, sometimes I feel He sets a fog up in front of Him and I can’t see the hand in front of me, yet He was there before and I know He is there still regardless of my vision.  Oh how we wait for the sun to return.
Though I was reading in  RainCity Pastor  and in the article he linked to about another dark age coming, as with the fall of Rome many things were forgotten including technologies of all kinds but other things also. If we are in the fog long, how long will it take to forget what the view for miles and the mountains looked like? I fear we soon forget, and being in Seattle were the winters are often dark I think we are often surprised by the Spring having almost forgotten that it was like.
“Lord, thank you for your Word and help us to always look to it as a reminder of Your promises to us and what we are looking toward. Help us to never forget. If we are going into the winter of days may we always remember the light on the mountains and the beautiful view we once enjoyed and will enjoy again.”

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