Tuesday, November 17, 2009


holy experience

I have been so inspired by so many woman’s blogs, and encouraged to remember to be grateful, and as I consider my blogging to have an excuse to turn my eyes on Him, and readjust my focus throughout the day.
I feel so amazingly blessed, and yet life is hard and I have very little in my day to day that is not challenging or difficult, and yet I feel blessed. I also feel full of joy and peace though very little in my day to day is particularly pleasant or fun. Isn’t God amazingly good! Only He can give us these inexplicable emotions that have no logical connection to our condition. I love this about our God. And so I will start listing the many things He has blessed me with, lest I ever forget.
1.      1.         My husband wrapping me in his arms when I get home at night
       The fall, wonderful leaves changing
       A job, even if just for now and His perfect provision just when we need it
       For new life when you first hear a pregnancy has begun
       The view out my work window, to snow capped peaks many days and the beautiful place I am blessed to live.
       For wonderful rain and fresh air while you walk with hot coffee in hand
       For my car breaking this month when I have the money to fix it and not the last few months when I wouldn’t have been able to.
       Whispered conversations with my husband in the dark late of night in the pillows
       For woman of God who encourage me daily through their questions and conversation about this walk we share
   A beautiful hot cup of tea on a cold afternoon
   The silence of a walk in the snow, may there be many more
   The wonderful Advent season to come
   Family who bless many days and sometimes not but for always being there to turn to
   Wonderful Godly parents who have always pointed my way to Christ in everything they did
   Little opportunities to serve people with God’s love
   Small quiet still moments with God in my day
   A home to live in, even if it’s not mine
   My homes beautiful surroundings that I enjoy each and every day
   Warm bread from the oven
   Food made with another’s loving hands

If I do 10 a day it will take 100 days to reach 1000 which was the challenge, I have a good start today but we will see as the time goes on how hard it is to come up with 10 each day. 

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  1. Dearest Girl,
    Remember that is what Merilla called AnnE? I hope this will not be a downer from your mother like it was in the movie Julia and Julie. I am so thrilled you sent it to me and even more thrilled you see the power of blessing and the hand of God that sends them. I hope you will contine to do this until you met the Lord face to face. I can't imagine how many wonderful things God has done to bless and I have no record and soon to have no memory at all. What a blessing to the Lord that you will take time in your crazy day to record them and leave them for others to be encouraged by.

    Thank you my dear girl for loving your Lord! You bless my heart everyday!