Thursday, January 27, 2011

First snow in the new house!

SNOW! Somehow we must live in some kind of bubble because every time there has been a big storm hit the the East Coast this winter, everyone got tons of snow and we had a pathetic inch or so. So today, NY had almost 2 feet, and DC had like 10 inches, and we got just over 2 little inches, better that the last few times but whatever. We don't have trouble driving at least. But all complaining aside it was beautiful to watch it snow out my new window. And this morning the yard was loverly! 
From the front door
Back porch
Brian enjoying the new swing this morning!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting settled

One week ago today the movers were here, and we are starting to feel at home in our new house. Thanks to my parents who left today and worked hard all week installing things and fixing and unpacking and shopping and organizing, its all gone much faster than we could have hoped. We still have lots of boxes but we are starting to get the things in the main rooms the way we want them.
From the front door

The biggest news is tonight we put up the rope swing! Brian's brilliant idea of course and now it really must be home. Its huge and will be the best rope swing in town so feel free to come try it out. A better seat will be on its way.
And yes is you know how tall Brian is that branch really is that high, we guess 50 feet, and the land slopes to the right on this picture to start on the swing so it should be amazing!

Also super excited our parents all of them made it possible for us to get this amazing kitchen island! I am in love, and I love costco who also made it possible seeing at it was 1/3rd the price of the manufactures price! But it makes the whole space and adds so much to my small kitchen and I am super excited to use it! Can't decide which way to face it yet, so this is the current favorite but it will likely try a few other positions before I make up my mind, I did just get it a few hours ago, so it will take some living with to decide.  
This is the back and it slides another table top out, you can just see there is two sets of legs here. And the first picture shows the front of it which is beautiful. Also this picture is taken from the back/side kitchen door, looking at the front door. 

Our bedroom is much less finished, still lots of boxes and I need to buy another dresser as we never had room for one before and had big closets, now we have a small closest and a large room, this is just half of it, the other half is a sitting room area which is currently full of boxes but will have a desk and chair etc in it in the end I think. 
So in love with this bed, and it fits in the room and with all the furniture I already had so well! My parents found it on the street years ago their neighbors were tossing it! And lucky for me they just downsizes and have no room for it. 
This is the master bath which I love, I added some shelves and that cabinet you see etc, and the chandelier! Ohh I love it! Please don't think less of Brian for it, he was very clear in his no chandelier policy, and this time I just ignored him, (not something i do often mind you!) but I didn't put them where guests will see and ruin his reputation so I should have some credit for that, but I love it, its been a plan of mine for 5 years, so what I can say, Brian lost this one I guess.  

Also not very finished is the family room, and it will take some time as we will have to buy some things slowly for it, but I am excited about our fire place and its ready to go! We will eventually have a row of bookshelves on the back wall you see, and the pile of boxes is all the books to go on them. 
As you come around the corner from descending the stairs, this is what you see, on the left is another space the same size which Brian has big plans for a TV thats bigger than his brothers and Dads TV, and a sectional, but it will be some time before we save up for all that. 

And last but not least, the best part of my new bed is our old bed is now a very nice bed for you, you know who you are!! Your room is cozy and waiting for you. Fresh towels and sheets ready to go freshly cleaned today! Just on the chance some of you are feeling impulsive and decide to come see us on a whim! The room is ready and waiting. And the guest downstairs bath right across the hall from your room is also all set, I added an extra hanging hook thing today so you have plenty of places for clothes and towels etc. 

The only thing missing is I am shopping for guest bathrobes for your use while you are here! :-) Soon to come I hope!

Thats all for now, long enough post, but rest assure I have TONS to be thankful for, not the least is wonderful family, both mine and the in-laws, we couldn't have done it without you!
And as many will ask, I am in week 18, or maybe its 19 now, I loose track, and starting to feel better, at least only sink a few hours each day which is a huge step up, still very tired all the time, so I am still hoping for my energy, I still have lots of unpacking to do. And we will go for our ultra sound and find out the sex of the baby Feb 7th in the afternoon, so you may get a excited phone call that day, if you are a Grandparent you WILL be getting a phone call, don't worry!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New House

We closed on our first home Friday! Its been a very exciting weekend! My parents arrived Saturday to help out and help us celebrate, and we have been making small changes around the house with their help. Tonight we will spend the night for the first time in the empty house and tomorrow first thing all out household goods that have been in storage will be delivered! I am very excited to get all my things in the house and see how it all works and where everything will fit and all that. I also enjoyed watching Brian out on his new acre, there is something about men and land isn't there, I am sure its been the same since the beginning of time somehow. But he cleaned the gutters and cleaned up the yard which with an acre is no small task. And thankfully he was able to do so because my wonderful Dad was taking care of all the inside list I had, changing light fixtures and putting up shower curtain and the like. So we really must be homeowners now, already doing home improvements.
Anyway I have much to be thankful for as I always do. But I will make one note on my health because I know many of you will ask if I don't. I have a miserable cold which is very sad and keep me from much sleep etc, but I do think slowly I am feeling less sick as I have been, just a few times a day and not all day so maybe its on the mend. I am still tired all the time which is frustrating with so much to do. But I had my 16 week check up and we heard the heart beat, and all is well, and the baby is moving around a whole lot, because she could hardly get the heart beat before it would move again and again. So maybe we have an active one, which somehow dons't surprise me.

310- 319
A roof over my head
My wonderful husband who works everyday to provide it for me
A husband who waits on my hand and food when I don't feel well
And a Mother who fills in if he is not there to do it
A very handy Dad who knows everything
Wonderful neighbors who are letting us borrow anything and everything we might need
Amazing in-laws who are ever supporting us in everything we do
New friends offers of help for the move
Getting to be "home"

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I was asked a few weeks ago to write something about an experience I had in college, normally I never write, but I also normally don't say no, so catch 22 next thing I knew a deadline was looming and I needed to write. And then as I was driving this came to me, and I quite liked the result, and I am sure I was more blessed than the friend who it was meant for. So I thought I would share it with you.

I stand on a vast beach with nothing above but the black of the heavens with the stars shinning through.
"O Lord O Lord how majestic is Your name"
The familiar words sink deep into my soul as all I see around me is Your majesty and all Your hand has made.
The dear friends whose voices I hear ring out around me. Each one I know deeply enough to know how perfectly you knitted them together. Each one unlike anyone else, each with unique upbringings, experiences, and interests, and yet each as dear as family.
And here in this place we join together solely because of You, in this mighty cathedral You have crafted by Your hand to remind us this night You are mighty, majestic and yet You love us each, down to each hair on each head.
Blessed be Your name.

As a quick update on life, sorry so seldom, I am still sick most days and the last week the worst yet, so thats why so few posts, but nice quiet Christmas with family here in VA, but I am laying low and trying to feel better most days, otherwise all is well happy and healthy, and the house is booked to close Jan 17th so we are excitedly waiting for that.

Meanwhile here is what I am thankful for these weeks:
Quite times or relaxing and reflecting around the Holiday
Enjoying the peace before children come
Health, I will appreciate none sick days so much more from now on
Healthy baby in the second trimester!
Wonderful husband who waits on me hand and foot, bless him!!
New house getting closer and closer
Family visiting and spoiling us
Exciting new year to come, house, baby, other baby's and weddings ect.
Feeling better soon I hope!!