Monday, January 17, 2011

New House

We closed on our first home Friday! Its been a very exciting weekend! My parents arrived Saturday to help out and help us celebrate, and we have been making small changes around the house with their help. Tonight we will spend the night for the first time in the empty house and tomorrow first thing all out household goods that have been in storage will be delivered! I am very excited to get all my things in the house and see how it all works and where everything will fit and all that. I also enjoyed watching Brian out on his new acre, there is something about men and land isn't there, I am sure its been the same since the beginning of time somehow. But he cleaned the gutters and cleaned up the yard which with an acre is no small task. And thankfully he was able to do so because my wonderful Dad was taking care of all the inside list I had, changing light fixtures and putting up shower curtain and the like. So we really must be homeowners now, already doing home improvements.
Anyway I have much to be thankful for as I always do. But I will make one note on my health because I know many of you will ask if I don't. I have a miserable cold which is very sad and keep me from much sleep etc, but I do think slowly I am feeling less sick as I have been, just a few times a day and not all day so maybe its on the mend. I am still tired all the time which is frustrating with so much to do. But I had my 16 week check up and we heard the heart beat, and all is well, and the baby is moving around a whole lot, because she could hardly get the heart beat before it would move again and again. So maybe we have an active one, which somehow dons't surprise me.

310- 319
A roof over my head
My wonderful husband who works everyday to provide it for me
A husband who waits on my hand and food when I don't feel well
And a Mother who fills in if he is not there to do it
A very handy Dad who knows everything
Wonderful neighbors who are letting us borrow anything and everything we might need
Amazing in-laws who are ever supporting us in everything we do
New friends offers of help for the move
Getting to be "home"

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  1. so it's a boy then(0: That is my official guess!! are you going to find out the sex? I really really want to buy something for the little one.(0: