Saturday, January 1, 2011


I was asked a few weeks ago to write something about an experience I had in college, normally I never write, but I also normally don't say no, so catch 22 next thing I knew a deadline was looming and I needed to write. And then as I was driving this came to me, and I quite liked the result, and I am sure I was more blessed than the friend who it was meant for. So I thought I would share it with you.

I stand on a vast beach with nothing above but the black of the heavens with the stars shinning through.
"O Lord O Lord how majestic is Your name"
The familiar words sink deep into my soul as all I see around me is Your majesty and all Your hand has made.
The dear friends whose voices I hear ring out around me. Each one I know deeply enough to know how perfectly you knitted them together. Each one unlike anyone else, each with unique upbringings, experiences, and interests, and yet each as dear as family.
And here in this place we join together solely because of You, in this mighty cathedral You have crafted by Your hand to remind us this night You are mighty, majestic and yet You love us each, down to each hair on each head.
Blessed be Your name.

As a quick update on life, sorry so seldom, I am still sick most days and the last week the worst yet, so thats why so few posts, but nice quiet Christmas with family here in VA, but I am laying low and trying to feel better most days, otherwise all is well happy and healthy, and the house is booked to close Jan 17th so we are excitedly waiting for that.

Meanwhile here is what I am thankful for these weeks:
Quite times or relaxing and reflecting around the Holiday
Enjoying the peace before children come
Health, I will appreciate none sick days so much more from now on
Healthy baby in the second trimester!
Wonderful husband who waits on me hand and foot, bless him!!
New house getting closer and closer
Family visiting and spoiling us
Exciting new year to come, house, baby, other baby's and weddings ect.
Feeling better soon I hope!!

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  1. Hopefully with the end of your first trimester coming you'll feel better soon. All of a sudden, nw that's I've hit my second I can stay up a bit later and I don't need a nap everyday. And, just think, you'll have your own home soon! I'm so excited for all the changes for you two!