Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Me!

It would seem that spending the day alone would be sad for your Birthday. Brian and I had plans for Sunday afternoon, but he was called int to work, Tax season and all. So I was left to myself, I could have found someone to do something with had I tried but it was so nice to spend the day alone.
When I was single in L.A. at school I used to do fun things by myself all the time and I always enjoyed it, I realized how long its been. I spend all day everyday around people which I like, but I also love walking through the city by myself, with a story to keep me company or classical music in my ears, sitting at a coffee shop, on the beach, riding my new "promotion bike" (thats a new one!), I like to be in nature alone to though, I underestimate how much I enjoy it and realize I should make the time for it more.

I did also have a wonderful family Birthday dinner with everyone after an afternoon on my own. And had a great chat with a friend for an hour too. Fact was as soon as I knew Brian had to work I kept thinking of things I could get done that I enjoy, writing encouragement cards, shopping for new bike accessories, I wrote a list and the time was way to short to do any of them. So I need to find the time to do it again clearly!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


A few things I have mentioned over the last few days. My new book, a wonderful walking nature trail near work, and things that make me happy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Job

Its official I have a new job. I won't start for a while until they replace me but I accepted and gave notice today. Not to long ago the Dir of the IT department where I work approached me about working in IT. As many of you might not know I have a degree in fashion design, and yes I am still laughing at this whole situation. Who would have thought. But the more I think about it, I did help my professors in design school with their computers, so I shouldn't be super surprised. Plus I grew up around and am married to geeky techy people so I speak their language, and I am mostly normal, or at least have had to function with every day (read dumb) people so I am what I like to think of as "bi-lingual".
Anyway I am very excited to see what God is doing, I was a little puzzled when He clearly let me to this job, and now I am starting to get a glimce of why He might have done it. I have realized if this is the direction He saw for me as ever He saw so much more than I could have ever imagined and of all the various numbers of jobs I applied for I would never have applied for this one. Mostly because though I may have the skill for it, I can't show it on my resume so it would have been pointless. But when you are seen doing it your in. Amazing! I feel a little bit like I am sitting back and watching a movie of my life unfolding, its not a bad place to be I must say. Sit back and let God do what He wills, because it will always be better than my plan, at least has always been in my experience.
I had a wonderful Bible study last night with some wonderful encouraging Godly women. And I have been jotting down thankful things in my new journal.
180. Woman who seek God walking along side
181. Girl chat over good wine and great meal
182. Fresh baked bread
183. The smell of my kitchen when I make fresh baked bread
184. Good dark chocolate and coffee
185. Hot rich coffee on a cold morning with fresh Spring blooms coming up.