Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Me!

It would seem that spending the day alone would be sad for your Birthday. Brian and I had plans for Sunday afternoon, but he was called int to work, Tax season and all. So I was left to myself, I could have found someone to do something with had I tried but it was so nice to spend the day alone.
When I was single in L.A. at school I used to do fun things by myself all the time and I always enjoyed it, I realized how long its been. I spend all day everyday around people which I like, but I also love walking through the city by myself, with a story to keep me company or classical music in my ears, sitting at a coffee shop, on the beach, riding my new "promotion bike" (thats a new one!), I like to be in nature alone to though, I underestimate how much I enjoy it and realize I should make the time for it more.

I did also have a wonderful family Birthday dinner with everyone after an afternoon on my own. And had a great chat with a friend for an hour too. Fact was as soon as I knew Brian had to work I kept thinking of things I could get done that I enjoy, writing encouragement cards, shopping for new bike accessories, I wrote a list and the time was way to short to do any of them. So I need to find the time to do it again clearly!

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