Thursday, April 8, 2010


Its been ages and I have missed writing! I was training someone to take over my old job and not am now in my third week of a new job so things have been very busy!
Easter has come and gone and what a blessing it was. Its amazing how people can become your family. I am forever reminded that family can come in so many ways! Through birth certainty but also through marriage which for me is a wonderful blessing and I am so grateful for that. And through the good taste in my brothers in picking loverly sister for me when they married! Wasn't that nice of them, but they did pick wonderful woman and what a blessing that is! And for kindred spirits, those wonderful people in life you meet and think you must have known forever, and the wonderful people in life you have known forever but maybe haven't seen is just as long. That instant sense of friendship, and closeness is and can only be from God I am sure! Thank you Lord for it! What a blessing and for an Easter to share with those who are not my birth family and some that were.

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