Friday, April 23, 2010

Random pictures

I thought my hubby might like to see my desk now that I have it all the way I like. So maybe some of you might like to see too. Here you go. Yes thats two computers. I am being a guinea pig for the new windows 7u computers on the right but still need the other for a few things that 7 isn't running yet, so I have two at once, I'm a girl we can multi-task.  
I also have to add that on the left is a great pictures I have as my current desktop of lilacs Brian took, isn't it beautiful, and the others you can't see are pictures from our time in Europe. The two small ones over the phone are of Brian. And the framed thing has "Begin each day with a grateful heart" written in it which I like right above my screen where I can't forget. I also have a screw driver in my pen older, and for the more IT related of you I have an empty desk behind me thats no decorated with about 10 computers is various stages of repair and pieces. Its not work a picture. 
Brian took this last night and I thought it was super cute. 
He also often insists on taking pictures of me, most get deleted right away from my insisting but this wasn't half bad so I thought I would put it up for kicks. 

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