Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

holy experience

Spring is here in Seattle, and it is marvolus, the colors alone! We got a new camera, the final one this time I think and my husband took lots of close ups all weekend testing the camera and I just love the result. The colors and details just make me amazed! Gods creativity is soming is it not!

Lilac's above are my very favorite! I love the season when they come out!

206. Sunny days followed with rainy days, always keeps you guessing and never gets boring!
207. Beautiful Sundays relaxing in the shade of a blooming tree.
208. Mondays come and I have my prayer meetings to look forward to!
209. A wonderful weekend with woman from my church at our womans retreat coming up!
210. A great free fun time at the football game with some friends old and new. Free food, free parking, and great seats what a blessing!

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