Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Things

I am struck by how much language makes your world work or not. I know this well by bring overseas of course and even in England when you come across diffident dialects and things when people speak the same language and can hardly understand one another. (I just listened to Journeys in English by Bill Bryson and it was fascinating on the topic)
But as much as I know all these things it sticks me again as I sit here in my new position as a member of the I T department. Now I know how to use computers, I am decently quick at picking things up and figuring them but which I assume is why they hired me. But unlike many of them I have no experience doing it for a living per say and did not learn any of it officially but all of it just by doing or by needing something and figuring it out. Which means I know what I am doing to at least a certen extent but I have no idea how to tell you what I am doing. Or in fact when someone tells me how to do something I maybe get every word in three because they are speaking another dialect if you will. I know what they mean but don't know I do because I didn't understand what they said. Its not the end of the world and I will slowly learn the vocabulary but it is interesting what a difference it makes to the smoothness of ones day, how well you do or don't understand one another.
Anyway for both reasons have been thinking on language some and wanted to mention some.

186. A great deal on a hotel for 2 nights this weekend to celebrate 5 years ago tomorrow the wedding that changed my life for the better forever.
187. On that note a wonderful husband who I am thankful for every day, lest he ever forget, I should tell him so more.
188. For the mystery piece of jewelry that he has been tormenting me with hanging from my bedroom ceiling just waiting for this day to be unwrapped! What a lucky girls I am
189. For a steady job to pay for a few nights at a hotel, and maybe even a meal out! What a queen I am!
190. For Gods faithfulness and goodness in all things even when itys His time frame and not my own, He is good
191. For Him letting me be a part of the ministry He is doing, for being obedient to Him even when there is pressure to quit for good reasons, Thank you Lord for letting me be a part of your story. You can do it all without me but letting me the  imperfect one I am be able to be a part of it is amazing to me!
192. For the woman I "minister" to who always end up encouraging and ministering to me all the more, for each one wanting to be more in Gods story each day!
193. For rain through the sun, for growing new things and Spring
194. For learning new things each and every day!
195. For snow in April.

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