Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have been asked to do a Summer lecture to womans at my church on hospitality. This is my "spiritual gift" and has shown up on my tests as such sense I was a child, so its a big topic for me. I love being able to bless people though small things in relationship. I recenly came accross this post that I loved, the many ways she talks about being able to express this command from God, becasue weather we are good at it or have the "gift" of it or not, the fact is we are all comanded to do it. Peter 4:9, “Be hospitable to one another without complaint,”. In fact if you look at the context it is mentioned directly after the command to love one another.
I am so blessed because my husband also loves to be hospitable, and when sometimes I shy anyway and think of the empty frig and the messy house he gently reminds me that we still have more than most and we can share what we do have.
Recently he was helping a local mission organization with a weekend project and some people were coming in for the weekend to the area to help. Now I have to insert here that we live in my parents basement while my husband finishes school, and the "bedroom" is a room divider away from the "living room". Wonderfully I do have a kitchen so the rest doesn't matter because I can still cook! Back to my story, he wanted to know if we could host someone for the weekend, we have maybe 750 square feet full of furniture and all sorts and no extra room or guest room so I wasn't jumping at the chance. And then he said they had planned to sleep on the floor of the missionary offices, so I said absolutely, we have very little but its better than the office floor! So we had this sweet college student come and he was so grateful to every little thing we did, and a joy to have and I was so glad I had not said no, even though there were tons of reasons why I could have.
I truly feel its 90% being open and willing and looking for opportunity's and being obedient even what its not convenient.
Well I plan to do some more reading on the subject and you will likely hear more about it, I am very excited the topic will be discussed this Summer!
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