Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adventures in breastfeeding

Forgive my long overdue post, we are still living over here on the east coast, no one had died, no good reason except for that of a baby.
Eleanor is doing great, if not gaining weight as she might but we are watching it and we will see how she does in a few more weeks. She holds her head up decently well now for short times, no smiles yet, we keep waiting, and sleeps through the night a decent amount of the time, that is from midnight till 5:30 am or so, which isn't bad when your a few months old.
Eleanor and I have been plotting away at nursing for these few months with many a challenge, but with Brian pushing me on gently we have not given up yet. I had an appointment with a lactation consultant nurse last week who was astounded I had lasted this long which made me feel better, I am not just a wimp after all. Apparently, Eleanor is a sucky sucker, or her suck is terrible as the nurse said, but not just that, she has a very small mouth, and a very high pallet, any one of these issues can give you many problems and she has all three, so I guess all said we are doing well. But as another excuse for my not posting my days are full of, feeding, changing, pumping, dishes, pumping, feeding, pumping, changing, pumping and feeding me, pumping, feeding her, pumping and making dinner somewhere in there by which time Brian gets home and holds her while I pump some more. The last few days the feeding has gone much better and I hope we can start pumping less.
But I can't complain, she hardly crys and when she does she has a good reason, rolling of the couch comes to mind, or often, "someone just put me down for a nap already!" and of course I am hungry, but she is clear about what she wants and stops soon after you fix it, so I am very lucky really, she is a very easy baby.
In non baby news, we went to DC this weekend, we were kindly lent someones house while they were out of town and had a great weekend "on the town". My ladies baby study continues very well and we are growing.

With that here are some unimportant "firsts"
First trip to Trader Joes

First hoodie

First shots, (band aids on legs)

Trip to DC

Bath in the "big" tub!

First Hungry Hungry Caterpillar 

First hike

First Monet 

First art museam

First concert 

First shoulder ride