Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am so inspired by

holy experience

And these posts about prayer and peace.
I am inspired to find that same tradition in my home to come, and even more in this time of no home base and transition.
Thanks Ann as always!
How to find this in a suitcase?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Elizabeth Elliot

Can I just say how much I love Elizabeth Elliot. One of the people in this would I would love to meet. Her testimony and following ministries are so remarkable and she is so humble and give God all the glory. Many a great woman would have crumbled under what she has been through and yet she blesses us all the more because of it. If you are not familiar with her story it was recently made into a movie, but her husband was a martyr in the 50's and she years later went back and loved the people who killed him and they came to know the Lord through that. Amazing story, but she has gone on to have many incredible ministries to woman.
Anyway this all comes to mind from the fact that this last week I borrowed a book of her's I had never read from my church library! Can I just say I love church library, always have!
The book is "On asking God Why" and is a collection of essays by her of various subjects. I am loving it, she is so great, and who has more authority to speak to asking God why than she does, coming through what she has. I read her chapters on divorce which were fantastic, and now am moving on to "A no risk life" I can't wait.
Anyway my most recent great read and I thought I would share, highly recommended!

Monday, June 21, 2010

When the world turns

I feel each time my world turns upside down I get a little mini check up on my current spiritual state. When the world turns how do you respond, what the gut reaction, what do you turn to without thinking. Its a very good indication of where you are.  In this season of unknowns, and many questions and large dark space in thew future that holds who knows what, I am thankful for the constants in my life, the things that God promises will never change.
240. He is and will always be
241. No mater where you are He is there, He shares our burden as He promised
242. Much like my parents, no matter where I go I know they will follow and visit often.
243. Gods plan is always the best plan even if its unimaginable to us at the time.
244. He always has the best for us His children, no exceptions!
245. Sometimes the best for us is not easy and is not painless, but its still best!
246. He knows and has the details planned out ahead! Help me never forget it!
247. No matter where I am my best friend and lover will be at my side, going through it with me, and thats all I really need.
248. I am loved
249. Gods work is wherever I am, He has a plan

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I do love my old Bible. I have a little ESV pocket bible I used most of the time these days as its with me and I carry it around. But I have my old Amplified bible, the first bible I bought myself as an adult.
I am starting a study on Hebrews with our young married small group, (I have a feeling we might still be called that well past 10 years married but I digress) and we have a commentary but otherwise are simply looking at the scripture together, so I pulled out  my old bible. At the same time I have been asked to share my testimony with a small group of woman who I study with, we each take turns and this is my week. So flipping through my old bible has so many memories, notes written, cards and pictures tucked into the pages. Small notes of encouragement and prayer that were slipped to me and I tucked into the pages, just to be found and be encouraging yet again these many years later.
But the best thing I found was my testimony, just after I bought the bible I was in bible school in England, and one of the things they had you do was write out your testimony so you could share it, as an outline or something if you were asked to speak. What a joy to view that testimony of my 20 year old self. Somethings it seems nothing has changed but when I look at what God has done in my life between now and then, and how shocked that 20 year old me would be if I could give her a sneak peak, is amazing. What a joy to now share again with these ladies in a few days all the things, all small but added up over the years are amazing to me. Each little way God has blessed or guided me was nothing big or even impressive at the time really, but all together 8 years worth its an impressive thing to me all He has done. And I do hope I never forget it, and it continues to encourage me going forward, look what He did before, surely there is more of that to come.
Bless the Lord all my soul and in all my ways acknowledge Him!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hope Island- Memorial Day

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We paddled to Hope Island State Park near Olympia for Memorial Day weekend. We paddled out Friday night through a very nice drizzle, it was perfect conditions with very little wind and smooth "sailing". We set up camp, under our trusty tarp (Rhett your tarp has leaks, we borrowed it, and discovered this, just thought you should know).
We slept late and woke to a very nice DRY day! We enjoyed each ounce of sun we could. But with the sun came wind and very choppy water so we were very glad we came in during the rain the night before. 
Brian at the camp, there was a table and very nice outhouse, very civilized for us, I was pleasantly surprised! I cooked lots of great food at my nice table under the tarp, you can see the cute little tent just behind him, and just through the tree's was the water. 

We went to the East side of the Island with our evening hot chocolate to watch the sun set, and on the way back got a great view of Mt Rainer. 
Drizzle agian Sunday as we paddled home, but beautiful still as glass waters, and we were able to get very close to a few eagles, and watched them for awhile. Very cool! 
You can see just over Brian's shoulder the Island we came from and just ahead of me to the Port side (thats left to you non nautical folks) Is Boston Harbor the maria where set set out from. Great little community marina, when we set out Friday night the whole community was there for Friday night drinks, clams and dogs all pilled into the little store in the rain laughing and hanging out. Great spot, they also have great boat rentals so you can try your hand at Hope Island. It makes a great day trip, there is a very nice trail around the island through the forest, and was about an hour paddle, through less if I had helped more. 

Weekly Thanks

230. My creative hubby

231. A church family who prays
232. Little half day adventures with my honey

233. "Killing" a few hours between things
234. Homemade chicken pot pie with beautiful flaky crust for the weekend
235. Options
236. A trustworthy wise husband
237. The promise of things to come
238. A God who Draws me.
"Yea I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee" Jer. 33:3b
239. Loving friends who pray for wisdom and guidance 

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have been very remiss lately and have been getting out of the Thankful habit and I need to keep it up. If I take the time to truly write it down it makes me stop and think of things in a way you just don't otherwise. So today will be short but I will strive to at least weekly thankful lists like Ann @ holy experience

holy experience

220. Early nights in with my man
221. Coming home to smells of dinner cooking
222. Relaxing and doing nothing for an evening
223. Fun new book to share
224. Rain!
225. Quiet early mornings and coffee!
226. A car that works and a man of God to fix it
227. Job offers and choices!
228. Someone else feeding me!
229. Great health care professionals!