Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hope Island- Memorial Day

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We paddled to Hope Island State Park near Olympia for Memorial Day weekend. We paddled out Friday night through a very nice drizzle, it was perfect conditions with very little wind and smooth "sailing". We set up camp, under our trusty tarp (Rhett your tarp has leaks, we borrowed it, and discovered this, just thought you should know).
We slept late and woke to a very nice DRY day! We enjoyed each ounce of sun we could. But with the sun came wind and very choppy water so we were very glad we came in during the rain the night before. 
Brian at the camp, there was a table and very nice outhouse, very civilized for us, I was pleasantly surprised! I cooked lots of great food at my nice table under the tarp, you can see the cute little tent just behind him, and just through the tree's was the water. 

We went to the East side of the Island with our evening hot chocolate to watch the sun set, and on the way back got a great view of Mt Rainer. 
Drizzle agian Sunday as we paddled home, but beautiful still as glass waters, and we were able to get very close to a few eagles, and watched them for awhile. Very cool! 
You can see just over Brian's shoulder the Island we came from and just ahead of me to the Port side (thats left to you non nautical folks) Is Boston Harbor the maria where set set out from. Great little community marina, when we set out Friday night the whole community was there for Friday night drinks, clams and dogs all pilled into the little store in the rain laughing and hanging out. Great spot, they also have great boat rentals so you can try your hand at Hope Island. It makes a great day trip, there is a very nice trail around the island through the forest, and was about an hour paddle, through less if I had helped more. 

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  1. Hey! I've never heard of this Island but it's not terribly far from me. Absolutely love the pictures.

    - Carrie, Offering Hospitality