Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I do love my old Bible. I have a little ESV pocket bible I used most of the time these days as its with me and I carry it around. But I have my old Amplified bible, the first bible I bought myself as an adult.
I am starting a study on Hebrews with our young married small group, (I have a feeling we might still be called that well past 10 years married but I digress) and we have a commentary but otherwise are simply looking at the scripture together, so I pulled out  my old bible. At the same time I have been asked to share my testimony with a small group of woman who I study with, we each take turns and this is my week. So flipping through my old bible has so many memories, notes written, cards and pictures tucked into the pages. Small notes of encouragement and prayer that were slipped to me and I tucked into the pages, just to be found and be encouraging yet again these many years later.
But the best thing I found was my testimony, just after I bought the bible I was in bible school in England, and one of the things they had you do was write out your testimony so you could share it, as an outline or something if you were asked to speak. What a joy to view that testimony of my 20 year old self. Somethings it seems nothing has changed but when I look at what God has done in my life between now and then, and how shocked that 20 year old me would be if I could give her a sneak peak, is amazing. What a joy to now share again with these ladies in a few days all the things, all small but added up over the years are amazing to me. Each little way God has blessed or guided me was nothing big or even impressive at the time really, but all together 8 years worth its an impressive thing to me all He has done. And I do hope I never forget it, and it continues to encourage me going forward, look what He did before, surely there is more of that to come.
Bless the Lord all my soul and in all my ways acknowledge Him!

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