Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Elizabeth Elliot

Can I just say how much I love Elizabeth Elliot. One of the people in this would I would love to meet. Her testimony and following ministries are so remarkable and she is so humble and give God all the glory. Many a great woman would have crumbled under what she has been through and yet she blesses us all the more because of it. If you are not familiar with her story it was recently made into a movie, but her husband was a martyr in the 50's and she years later went back and loved the people who killed him and they came to know the Lord through that. Amazing story, but she has gone on to have many incredible ministries to woman.
Anyway this all comes to mind from the fact that this last week I borrowed a book of her's I had never read from my church library! Can I just say I love church library, always have!
The book is "On asking God Why" and is a collection of essays by her of various subjects. I am loving it, she is so great, and who has more authority to speak to asking God why than she does, coming through what she has. I read her chapters on divorce which were fantastic, and now am moving on to "A no risk life" I can't wait.
Anyway my most recent great read and I thought I would share, highly recommended!


  1. Visiting from Offering Hospitality. I also love Elisabeth Elliot. I have a couple of her books and have had the pleasure of listening to her speak in person (she lives on the north side of Boston and I'm an hour south of Boston.)

  2. I hadn't seen this title by Elliot but it sounds AWESOME! She's a good one to pen this work. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!