Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blessings Because of Trials

I feel blessed today. After good conversation with friends last night I realize more and more how blessed I have been through my spiritual Journey. I have had very clear up and downs, but as I can look back through the down times I am so clearly able to see Gods hand at work. What an amazing gift. I watch others struggle with knowing if God has the best for them and if He is faithful and wants only good for them, and I amazing never have these questions in my heart. I am so very grateful he has led me to know His love for me and to clearly have seen it. Because without being able to look back at what he has done and how He has always been faithful, and loving and worked it out for my good, and always provided, I would not know so confidently that He will do it again.
I love my oldest Bible, when I open it, it falls open easily to pages that have been long open and worn, old friends whom I have visited much. It also falls open to reveal all the old tokens tucked into the pages over the years, a flower, pictures of friends who were once meaningful in my life story and now long forgotten, prayers on scraps of paper once pressed into my hands by Godly woman, bookmarks with verses long ago memorized, and child's drawings given with love many years past. Its a great reminder of my story, how it has been made and where it has come from. may I never forget. 
“He works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called together for His purpose.“
“Bless the Lord o my soul, with ALL that is within me Bless His Holy Name!” Ps 103

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