Monday, December 6, 2010

Soo Soo Tired!

These days I have been soo very tired! Its amazing to me! Its like I have mono all over again. I will be glad for my second trimester which is around Dec 20th so in time for the Holiday which is nice I hope. They say you feel best in the second trimester so I hope to get my energy back then. Regardless of lazying around the house I am thankful for so many things!

Not throwing up, seems like a small thing but I am so very thankful each day I don't
My wonderful forgiving husband who lets me be lazy and not take care of him as usual and he is so sweet, and waits on my hand and food.
That I don't have to drag myself to work these days, I am truly thankful, and feel nothing but respect and ahh for the woman who do
To be blessed with maybe buying a home which will have an even lower mortgage than I imagined!
To live in a beautiful part of the world, even if its not snowing when I want it to! (this was taken from my bedroom window, blows my mind daily)

I am grateful each day that I know when the next paycheck is coming, what a blessing this simple thing is.
Wonderful Sunday fellowship with new friends
Visitors coming soon!
Christmas Parades!

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  1. Sorry you are so tired! I never really experienced that part of the whole process...enjoy these last few months alone with your hubby! Watch all the movies you want, go for short walks...the time alone won't be back for a while. Call me some time!