Monday, November 29, 2010

New York! New York!

Feel free to sing as you read this! Its hard to resist!
We traveled 5 hours and $20 in toll's to New York City on Thanksgiving! We had our turkey at some nice people from church who were kind enough to invite us over. Two other couples about our age who also moved here to work at the base, and don't have family near. We had a wonderful time and all got along really well. Then we hit the road and got to NY late. We stayed with a friend of an old friend who lives in the east Village and was away for the weekend and kind enough to let us all use him place! Thanks Alan! You rock!
After a great night sleep in the city, we road the subway and headed for the free Stanton Island ferry. Who knew some things are still free! It sails right by the
Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and gives you a great view of the downtown area. 

We then headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was wonderful. Very pleasant surprise, as I had no plan to go to it and hadn't looked into what was there at all. But there is a new mosaic found in Israel that is on loan right now so we were soo lucky to have seen it. And amazing find as it is in almost perfect condition, and whole. We couldn't take pictures but here it is from the web. 

Where to next, regrouping with the map on the museum front steps.

Whats New York without stopping at times square of course. It was nice because the whole city was quiet and had less people than usual as most people go away for the Holiday. 

The next day Rose was not feeling well which was really sad, but it worked out well that we could keep her Dad company so we headed out for Central park, it was a beautiful sunny day. 

The Plaza Hotel

Brian loves this shot he got

St Patricks

Dinner in the East Village, we were really hungry and not feeling great. 

It was so much fun to be in a city with the people and hub bub again. Perfect combined with a nice little apartment to go home to when you get tired of all the noise.  I realized while we were walking around, that when I was home with morning sickness when it was worst, I think I went 10 days without seeing another human being other than Brian. Strangely I didn't mind at all. But it was a great change of pace to visit NY and see great old friends from home too. There is nothing like people who have known you since you were young. And in Brian's case Rose's Dad was there when he was born, so has known him a very very long time.    

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