Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So Much

So much going on I will never catch up so I don't think I will try. My In-laws are here for a week and we spend the day yesterday in DC, walked our feet off, and are completely worn out today but had a great time. Makes me so grateful to be in the country I am. I always love Lincoln, and its boring but its the best. I stood in the cold with my almost 10 year old sister-in-law and read both speeches out loud. It was so neat and every time I have done this I take something new away from Lincolns words. He laces his speeches in scripture for all to see if you know to look for it. In his time everyone would have known where he was getting much of what he said and I wonder if that's the case for those reading them to day. He talked of war, and Gods will, and his righteousness, no one speaks like this anymore and I can't help but wonder how things would be different if they did.

I also visited the WWII memorial for the first time as it was not built the last time I was there at 17, and it was inspiring. Its what all the war memorials should be, and is so deserved by the many who gave their lives and those who came home from that war. I love how equal amount of the space is given to the Pacific as the war in Europe, so often this is not true and I was glad to see it as I had Grandfathers in both.

I also saw Roosevelt's memorial for the first time and it was truly inspiring too, what a great man who came beyond so many hardships and lead the country through many tragedy's its remarkable.
Great surprises
sunny weather
leaves and pumpkins
my wonderful hubby
cold crisp winter coming
That God always knows whats best
And He and Brian know what I need before I do myself.

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