Friday, November 12, 2010

Vetrens Day

Brian as a veteran got in free at Mt Vernon, George Washington's home yesterday. So we thought it would be a great cheap day out, and appropriate celebration of the day as well. It a wonderful place to visit, one of my all time favorites, they have added one of the best museums ever all about his life also which alone would be worth the trip.

But the day being special they had a wonderful group of retired veterans who sing old barber shop quartet kind of songs and included all the armed forces songs which was lots of fun. They were great.

We were also able to hear from lady Washington our hostess herself, which was loverly.

They is a wreath laying ceremony held every year by the sons and daughters of the american revolution, and we were able to hear the rife and drum accompany some nice words as some active duty woman laid the wreath and then all the attending veterans were given and flower to lay as well.

And we finished the day by hearing the Air Force Strings play a selection of Washington area music, they were also fantastic.

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