Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Celebrating 80 degrees

Its 80 out and that's reason enough for the Graham's to celebrate. So we went for an impromptu hike to a favorite swimming beach. I think the locals thought we were crazy to swim but 80 is plenty warm in our minds!
Two year old's are slow hikers! But they remind you that every leaf truly is amazing!
This was a 1.2 mile hike and she walked on her own for a full mile of it! Even after we woke her up from a short nap to bring her hiking, we were impressed!

This was how we walked, Brian hanging back to keep and eye on Eleanor and I keeping a steady slow pace to lull Hazel to sleep! 

Explaining what roots are after pointing out many fallen trees up to this point.

I want to climb! And did, she would have gone all the way up the trunk if he had let her.

Talking about knee's. Did you know you have two of them! Everything is fascinating when your two. 

Hazel enjoying her little carved out hollow away from the wind.

Attempting a family picture

Flowers were blooming in the wetlands.

Enjoying the view on the hike out

(In case you are concerned she is so small on my back not front, she holds her back up very strong these days, but I till just do it for short trips)

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