Monday, August 12, 2013

A day in the life

Just a little glimpse into our day, an unusual day where we stayed home all day.
Eleanor decided she was going to dress herself today! I like the shorts tuned mini skirt, she might be more like Mommy than I thought looks like she restyled her clothes. The shoes are my favorite part.

Hazel hang'in out as usual

Eleanor staying busy with a new "toy"

Hazel snoozing in her swing

Hang'in out with Mama

A meal and back to sleep while Eleanor naps

Welcoming Daddy home from work

Eleanor's nap

Everyone's awake and out to play with Daddy, the purple ball over the playground with hands attached is Eleanor

Dinner time! Yumm!

What a day!

After dinner "Baby Signing time" watching while Mom and Dad get to finish dinner with actual conversation! Almost a date!

Hazel almost holding her own pacifier in place!

Coloring! Thanks Aunt Michelle and cousins for the coloring pages!

Show me your art! Little bit of help from Mama

Cuddle before bed and after bath.

Night night! Me wake you up all night? With this face! Must be that other baby...
(Hungry girl last night wanted to eat every 2 hours, might start growing fast now...)

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  1. Hi found your link on tell us Tuesday...
    Here's the link to my latest post...I think I was suppose to add that IDk...

    It's a retelling of the book "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff.

    I'm following you on GCF...hope you can return the love :)