Monday, April 4, 2011

Cherry Blossoms!

Sunday we went to the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival! Brian's idea, and it was a good one! I was also blessed to go to town early and visit a wonderful church I have heard about that some distant family who lives in town goes too. So nice to worship with them! And get to see and play with their little boys!
Just behind Brian's head is the Washington Monument, but you will have to take my word for it! :-)

For all you who have been wanting to see the belly, this gives you a little idea, and the rest you can see in person in about a week! 
Brian was a little worried about Pregnant me climbing this tree! Geeze Brian this is ME we are taking about! (I was perfectly fine!) 

Lots of fun had by all, there was a outdoor theater and we sat on the lawn and enjoyed some darling Indian girls doing traditional Indian dancing, and then a roots rock group. 

Also to you who track this, sorry its been an age, but I have not felt great the last few weeks and when I did I was getting things ready for my trip to Seattle! So I will see many of you soon! I am getting very excited! And for you who are keeping track of these things I am officially in my third trimester as of two days ago! So I guess this is the final stretch!

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