Wednesday, February 10, 2010

and the days go by...

I am still forever grateful, even if they go unwritten.
Just the month of writing them down I still remember to notice the little things, though they seem to go by me in a blur these days and not stay long to be contemplated over as they were.
143. A cloudy day after many clear ones, I like the mystery and faith of knowing the mountains are still there even if all you see is dense white cloud
144. All of the ladies as yet unknown who have signed up for my new bible study! How exciting to have 18 new ladies who want to join with as as we study Gods word together. God let me be an empty vessel so you can use me.
145. The blessing of getting a glimpse of what God might be doing and what His larger purpose for organize things as he has done.
146. A beautiful new baby born to a dear friend safe and healthy after 43 long hours of labor. God is amazing!

147. Dear ladies who seek God, old and new, getting to know new ladies and their hearts more dearly while listening to a wonderful ladies speaker.
148. Dear old friends to reconnect with over weekend to come, how I look forward to the fellowship we can rekindle.
149. A job each day, praise the Lord.
150. The Lords work He has kindly show me, and providing ways for me to come along in His work, how grateful I am for that!

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