Monday, February 22, 2010


Everytime I sit to write here I think "must get camera, must use camera". The trouble, as I have found it, of living in Europe is, everything seems picture worthy, then when you move back, nothing much seems picture worthy, a thing I am tiring to change. There are many thing worthy of pictures here, I stop and enjoy them often, I just don't take pictures of them. So I am sorry there are never pictures.
Wonderful Sunday, if you can have one while getting nothing accomplished, I think you can! It was a beautiful cold Sunny day, my favorite kind! We were privileged to hear from our paster 3 separate times over the weekend, no wonder I feel blessed! But I am also very challenged with setting a rule of life for my self  and working that through in my head as my day goes on. But I am excited to start this challenge!
We also went on a lovely bike ride (we have a tandem, or bicycle built for two, we are adorable) near the University in some wetlands, and explored together etc. It was a lovely day, and the best part of it all is, my bottom feels fine today! Its a mini miracle in my option because it never feels fine the next day! So because of my like of camera, you will have to trust me that the snow on the mountain peaks sparkled above the equally starkly water, and the blue blue sky. You had to be there. Had you been you would have seen my cute new workout outfit, which I call hobbit pants ( like Tolkin Hobbits if you are not in the know) that my husband assures me do not make my butt look big, but that I am not convinced about.
Anyway I am wandering way off topic.

160. Snow caped peaks on clear blue days
161. Driving with the window down!
162. Getting up and going home in daylight
163. Pulling dead plants to make way for new growth
164. Crocus popping from the ground
165. Evening Prayers
166. God faithfully meeting me in daily divine hours
167. A clean room, even if the expected visitors never needed it, clean non the less
168. Beautiful churched with unlocked doors
169. Beautiful woman seeking Him

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