Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Journal

I am so excited I have been inspired for some time from Ann over at aholyexperience  to make what she calls a visual homaking journal. I used to always keep a notebook like this and still do but it used to be most sketches and fabric swatches and inspiration, but in the last years its just a place to write an outline from the sermon or someone contact info or some prayer requests, which is good, but very uninspiring. So I have done it I made one! And I am so excited! Of course from my last post on lack of camera, you will just have to imagine how amazing it is, because it is! I am already making lists and writing things down like a crazy person, and already I am glad, because half of the things on my grocery list I know I would have forgotten relying as I usually do on my memory, or more often on walking up each row knowing "I will remember it when I see it".
But best of all I have been jotting down my grateful things as I think of them which works so much better than sitting down at the computer and thinking over your day tiring to remember them. Plus despite this as evidence, I really love pen and paper. So now I just have to transpose my wonderful list to this formate! I hope I remember!

170. Hot soup on a cold day
171. Dropping into a soft couch!
172. Soft pillows in smooth sheets
173. Cloudy days! Perfect for...
174. long walks with birds, ducks and a good book for company!
175. quiet nights
176. cooking
177. Sweet prayer time with strangers who are now new friends
178. Going to bed early
179. Dinner waiting for me at home all done and ready to go!

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