Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Long

First I should say I am still keeping my habit of being Thankful, more than ever I think but I have been so busy its not been documents so shame on me!
I have been thinking allot about the coming year and a few things have challenged me. I am making homemaking a priority this year. Strange I know as I am starting a full time job, but I am determined the two can work together. I know for a fact if its not a priority they certainly won't work together! So I am excited to have a few dinner parties and guests planned already, and decorations for valentines day up and making me happy. I also created a slideshow for the big TV to play when music is on and its amazing what seeing pictures does for your mood, places I have been, loved ones my wedding day etc. Changes the mood in the room.
I also created a slideshow for my work screensaver of paintings from the masters, many of which I have seen in museums around my travels, so when I sit and stuff or do mailings it clicks on and I see art though my day which makes me happy too. So I will share a favorite piece with you, and more tomorrow.

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