Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy days!

It is beautiful here in the East in the Fall. I have been enjoying the changing colors over the last month and the cooler weather. The fall has been good, very busy, and challenging for me. I am sorry I have been absent here but shortly I am sure you will see why.

This is from my kitchen window one morning when I was up early with Eleanor. 

Though my current study on spiritual disciplines, and motherhood I am being constantly reminded of my shortcoming and my capacity to do nothing in my own strength. The study has been great don't get me wrong, but a complete failure in my goals for myself in regards to spiritual disciplines. But its a good lesson and I won't give up, I need to discover how to fit these things into my new normal.

Speaking of normal, most days I have another baby here just Eleanor's age, so its a very full day even if we do "nothing". I say in quotes because doing nothing involves, 6 feeds, at least 8 diapers, much bouncing, crying, fussing and constant movement to keep everyone happy, and don't forget picking up pacifiers at least 50 times, I am sure more. Many days they do both nap and I can run a load of dishes or feed myself if I am lucky.

The best news in the last month is Eleanor is now breastfeeding! I can't say how thrilled I am, even more than I thought I would be. We were making it work before, but its so wonderful to leave the house without having to take the pump along like a third child! I was told if I wanted it to work I would have to bite the bullet and just do it non stop for a week and after much screaming an latching for all of 30 seconds the first few days, magically she would nurse for a few minuets longer each day.  Its still day by day, and most days she takes one bottle of formula to supplement but its a huge step forward and I can't be more happy.
Parents take ages to pack! 

One thing you can not do with a pump along is backpack! So it was first on my list before it got much colder, and so Baby's first backpacking trip was last weekend. We went to a wonderful spot called St Mary's wilderness, We will go back when we can swim, we camped right on a river, where we could here the water all night! It was wonderful and renewed my soul, as backpacking always does, particularly when I can hike in and just sit for a day before hiking out whitch I did this time. To make it better we went with a couple from church so we had sweet fellowship also, and more baby holding arms! It was a great success and I do hope we can go again

Can you spot the baby napping? 

And now the Holidays are around the corner and I just booked my flight home, so I can tell you I will be in Seattle area South (Gig Harbor) Dec 17-24 and Seattle North (Lake Stevens) Dec 24-Jan 4. So let me know if you want to make a date with us while we are around. I do hope to see as many of you as I can!

Lots and Lots of other things happened this month! Here is the rest in a snapshot!

She liked her first food!

Hanging at the ball field for Dad's fall season

We love bathtime!

Visiting a local marine museam

Mark Bevin and cousin Ally came to visit!

Big enough to sit at the table

Brian turned 30! We were a couple a kids at the theme park for the day!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Cutest Giraffe ever!

At the babies at the meeting I go to for nursing mothers

Trick or treating with her first Alex

Mmmmmm candy!


That's a sloth bear behind her!

And to round off a great busy time Grammy came for a visit!


  1. Visit me henry and olivia!!!!

  2. Yay for successful nursing, I'm so happy for yoU! I loved all the pictures... Eleanor is going to be so happy when she is older to have all those cool pics of herself in fun places!

    We definitely want to see you in Gig Harbor. We'll probably combine it with a visit with Ben's Gramma. Would the 22nd or 23rd work for a visit?