Friday, December 4, 2009

Shrouded in Fog?

I was fortunate enough to have light traffic this morning and got to work early so I sat in the conference room to do my morning prayers as I watched the sun come up behind the mountains and it was majestic! I do enjoy the view from the 10th floor here. ( Poor sample of what I see as my camera' s broken) 

So I had a great few moments to start my day, imagine the above with purple outlining them as the sun rises. Then within 30 min the fog rolled in and I can't even see the building next to us, less than a block away! We are shrouded in white. How quickly things can change,and they always do change that fast when my focus is not on my Lord, if I forget to consult and think and thank Him so quickly my view can become so limited and I am confused and can't see. I often wonder why though at this moment it should always feel clear, I need to adjust my focus and look to him not into the fog and He will clear things right up. 

In my morning prayers I read this and loved it, how true it is!
You fearful Saints, fresh courage take,
The clouds you so much dread
Are big with mercy, and shall break
In blessings on your head.
100. My husband volunteering to make the steaks that have been in the freezer for months, so we can have a nice dinner together. 
101. A swift drive with a beautiful view of the sun rising purple over the rugged peaks. I do love the NW.
102. A great weekend to look forward to, hunting a tree, seeing parents both sides, Christmas decorating
103. Getting a start on the decorating and making my mantle beautiful, I realized while I was enjoying myself that we have never had a mantle since we have been married. What a joy, and what a great central thing it makes in a home.
104. Sweet Christians at work blessing me
105. Wonderful bloggers giving me cooking ideas for my weekend cook-a-thon

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