Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Belated Thanks

70. My husband for offering to help in any way, bless him!
71. A wonderful group of woman to talk about being a Godly wife with!
72. A great conversation with a new friend about getting married and all that it means
73. A small group tonight to talk over a great sermon
74. New relationships as they get closer
75. New babies
76. Wonderful family, particularly the Godly living with the not so much, bless them in all they do to live out Gods love each day in their own home to their families
77. Laughter with family, crazy chaos, great fun all for no money
78. A great day out on the snowshoes, enjoying Gods creation

79. Seeing the mountains today on a clear day with the full moon coming out over the top of them, amazing site, God has such a creative nature!
80. God is faithful and uses me to bless others lives, what a difference it makes, made my week to clearly see how I blessed another

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