Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well its official, I didn't want to say anything until I told my boss and people at work, but we are moving. Brian has been offered an amazing job in VA. So we are off. He will start Sept 12th so we have a little time, but its going quick and my calender is so full already getting everything and everyone in I don't know how I will make it. I have a feeling I will be thrilled to go when all is said and done so I can have some peace and quiet after two crazy months. 

Some of you I am sure are dieing for details so I will give some. Brian will be working for Nav Sea which is a division of the Navy that does among other things weapons development. he will be a Mathematician for them doing computer programing and applied math etc. We don't know a ton of details but it will be great experience and I am sure he will learn lots. He will graduate Aug 20th, and I am guessing we will move just after labor day. We will be about an hour and 20 min South and East of DC, so if you want to tour the capital do come stay. You might need to give us a few months to find a house first though. We will be, as it is a navy base, on or very near the water. East of Fredericksburg if you want to check out the map. 

We are sad to leave Seattle and family and friends but excited for the new adventure to come. More than anything I feel so completely overwhelmed by Gods amazing goodness and blessing. Brain was headhunted and for him not to have to go through what I did in job hunting is worth the world. God is good, and his provision is beyond what I could have ever imagined. His plan has turned out so much better than my wildest dreams time and time and time again so that I am so excited to see what He has in store this time. It is as ever something I never could have imagined for us which to me is usually the best thing.  I would love for you to join me in praying over the community He has for us, the ministry we will find to be used in and the people who will bless us and who we hope to be able to bless. 

We are also very much looking forward with anticipation to many of you visiting us! Hint Hint! Homes are amazingly affordable, as compared to Seattle anyway so we should have lots of room for visitors! 

If you are reading this and know anything about the area, churches, shoppings, Realtors etc please please contact me or leave me a comment. I have never been there and am gleaning as much info as I can!

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