Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What a wonderful thing, I forget this. I went camping this weekend with my young married small group, and what fun! Great conversation and connecting with people! It was wonderful, but during the day they were all headed to climb Mt Pilchuck and after a very long stressful and tiring week, and having climbed it recently I opted out. I did however want to do a little hike, but not one that was 2000 ft up is all! :-) And I was a little stressed about teaching woman at church the next day and feeling less prepared than I wanted to. So I headed to a Tiny hike to Bear Lake. Its less than 1/2 mile I think, so great to lug up some heavy books and sit by a lake and study etc. But when I got to the trail-head it had moved, down the road about 2 miles in fact. There was a wash out on the road. I had no idea how far at the time so I started walking, ended up with a perfect easy walk along a road, and the last bit on the trail, sat at the lake, even had some worship music on me, didn't see a soul, but sparkling water, glimpse of snow caped peaks, and birds and bugs all along the way.

 I walked away realizing I had no memory of the last time I was alone, I live in a house full on people, my husband is home when I leave and when I get home, we are spending every spare moment with people before we move, all wonderful but complete solitude is a great thing non and then.
I realized when I started working full time I much I had gotten used to being home in the house alone during the day and its odd now not to have that time built into my life, so I have to find the time to make sure it happens. I came alway feeling as if I had spent a day at the spa, thought maybe less clean, but completely refreshed!

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  1. Deborah YoungJuly 27, 2010

    Awesome Rochelle! There will be some cool hikes in Virginia. Not sure how far the Smoky Mountains are from you, but maybe a long weekend trip.