Saturday, March 5, 2011

New baby pictures

I had another ultrasound, and everything looks great, we were able to get some slightly better pictures this time and confirmation it really really is a girl. And this time I wasn't wishing I could throw up the whole time so all in all a much better experience and I am glad the baby did not cooperate fully the first time! Thus needing another go. :-)

 Babys spine, looks much more clear than a month ago, head is on the right
Feet: with all the kicking I did not need confirmation she had these

Nose, mouth with her hand bu her chin

This one is much harder to see, but on the left middle the long line is a arm, and just below is the face, you can see a cheek, nose and eyes

This is like the one above but more clear, she has both arms along side her head and the eyes are clear

Closer of the above

and closer of the profile. 
Sorry if you didn't need to see all these, and are now bored, this post is mostly for the Grandma's, and nurses in my life.

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  1. :) thank you for sharing! So excited to meet her!