Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Watching the storm

Still and quiet with bird song all around as I sit and be still, to know, You are.
Then suddenly they quiet, the trees grown and sway, and I watch as the wind rolls in mightily. The air around grows darker as the clouds roll in on the wind. It seems thunderous with the sounds of wind and trees, and slowly, ever so slowly the bird song starts again, and the trees grow still while the light returns. 
For a moment Spring has returned before the process repeats itself. Then suddenly I hear drip, drip, plonk, and splat, and the heavens open and instantly the earth is drenched. I tuck my feet up under the edge of my umbrellas small shelter as I sit and watch in awe. 

Lazy weekends
Good food
Warmer air
New growth
Blue skys
Womans fellowship
Peaceful days
Healthy active kicking baby

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