Saturday, February 26, 2011

For Katie

I am posting this for Katie's garden advice, if you have some also feel free to chime in.
First of all I have a bunch of roses, which I am sure were not pruned before winter and now seem very lankly, and I am wondering if I should do something to them before they start growing to much for spring.

Any idea what this tree might be? I was wondering if it could be fruit, but you may not be the tree expert. 

Another huge rose, should it have something to climb on?

This Rose is going all over the place

This has a ton of sprouts. 

I think this tree just landed here and needs to be pulled up?

This is hard to see, but has old roots, and just this one tiny shoot. 

Another one last the last, clearly an old rose that someone chopped up allot. 

This is not a rose but some small tree, any ideas?

And this is the funkiest looking tree ever, but my Mum wondered if the leaves might be magnolia? Any ideas?

This is coming back, any ideas what it is?

This is right next to it, but not growing back like the other, think its dead? Maybe you can't tell, the pictures are hard. 

Some kind of shrub? Is it possible this will come back, or should I just rip it up?

Thanks! Any input is useful!

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