Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have been feeling so much better I have been so busy in the house I have neglected posting, Which I feel is a little hypocritical because I excused not posting before because I didn't feel well, so I guess I have no excuse. It has been wonderful weather here, and last Sunday afternoon it was sunny and like 50, so we spent our first day in the yard, we had so much fun. Brian was determined to get his swing up and running properly, he still has plans to put steps up the side of the tree, this weekend.
Brian is embracing being a homeowner with power tools! Thanks Dad!

And I am enjoying all his hard work! I love my new hammock chair, I think it will be much better to rock baby than a normal ricking chair! 
And if you looks close here you can see Brian also made a normal swing seat. For the more serious swingers! This is him testing it just before heading to the super bowl at a friends down the street. Did you know that on the East Coast the super bowl is in the evening! Strangest thing! I can't get over it, its so odd! But we were watching with all Steelers fans, so it was a little bit of a sad night.

In case you are waiting in suspense Brian's calculations were right that if the Packers won the baby was a girl and the next day at the ultrasound it looks like it is a GIRL! At least 75% chance it is a girl, we will have another look in a month and hopefully know more. But that was Monday night, we found out, so its been a very busy week! 
Do you think thats a Graham nose, I suspect it might be. :-)

The house is looking so much better! Maybe I will show more pictures in a week or to when its close to done. We have Brian's brothers coming this week and we are so excited to have guests and have the house almost put away, at least the important things!

I have been enjoying my quiet times outside the last few days, and even went for a bike ride yesterday. So nice to feel some warmth, though that means I am getting closer to having to think about the garden which is scary, one thing at a time, inside first!
I also got a new phone that has internet, as you might have seen from last nights post, but it allows me to do my daily prayers from anywhere and even alarm throughout the day to remind me. So much fun.

Safe baby, every thing accounted for and in place as it should be
Wonderful husband who never expects from me what I expect from myself, what a blessing this is!
Family and friends who love us soo much they want to come see us!
Sunshine, I might get used to this after all!
New ways to communicate with friends near and far
New ladies bible study in the works!
Fellowship with old friends who are new!
Great deals for house stuff on craigslist! 

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  1. You guys are just to clever with the hair bow. I love it but who can tell about the nose. You take it easy the next 2 days and happy Valentines day to you both. MUM