Friday, February 4, 2011

Pantry Done!

I am SOO excited, because my pantry is done and I think it is a thing of beauty, if you had ever seen my pantry from the last house  you will understand. And if you saw the number of boxes I unpacked marked pantry and the huge overwhelming task it seemed you will also understand. Not to mention the very few cabinets I have in the kitchen, all those factors make this a very exciting new accomplishment!
But I can truly say as I was putting all the food away, I was so thankful for each box and can, and the way the Lord provides for my family. I hope I will never take the ability to just go buy grocery's for granted again.

My Mother says I can survive a few natural disasters! :-) Particularly now that we have own own well. But I think its a thing of beauty. And my very favorite par is my very nice tape labels which will theoretically mean when I ask my husband to get something he will be able to find it, and it won't be the inevitable,"I don't see it" which means I end up getting it myself in the end. But I can't give him to hard a time as I remember very clearly doing the same thing to my Mother about her pantry. 
So glad to be feeling myself again! And getting things done!

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