Monday, May 9, 2011

Beautiful weekend

How nice it is to be home, in ones own home. I am just getting settled back in, getting things back in order very slowly! But it was a beautiful weekend and we stayed home and enjoyed it. It was nicely warm and not humid at all so I felt like I better enjoy each second of it because I am sure there will not be very many days like that. 
We have this pear tree that is a very odd shape and has been bothering us both, it looks a little like its wearing a hat, with this top notch, and blocks the view of the larger trees further back on the property. So Brian decided to my delight to prune it! Thankfully he just got a set of wireless tools and one of them is an electric saw thing, it probably has a real name but I am not the one to know it.

Also putting to use his new ladder! 

And here is the after, you have to look very carefully to see but Brian's head is at the top and you can see the trees behind clearly. Regardless you can take my word for it, it now looks like a normal shaped fruit tree and makes the view from the deck much nicer!

I mentioned before how much things have grown up while I was away and with that comes shade! The patterns of the shade are completely differnt now that the trees have their leaves. And I was thrilled to come home and find out that the whole backyard is in shade after about 4pm, so its very pleasant to sit out the back in the evening! For now at least, at some point it will stay too hot shade or not, but for now its very nice and a exciting discovery. 
You might remember the front of the house is well, I say naked. It was a blank empty garden when we moved in and I have been bidding my time to get some plants in, and this weekend was it! I was so excited to get some plants and get them in the ground, and even though they are small now I am sure it will improve things eventually, above is the after shot, which from the street looks just like the before shot, but closer up its a big improvement already!

I have hydrangea on either side of the front steps, azalia under two windows, a few gerber daisies someone gave me left over from a function where they were center pieces, and two rhododendron on either end of the house. 

We have also started getting serious about having a baby sometime in the near future, I will have a car-seat today so we are prepared just in case and I am working more seriously on getting the nursery more the way I want it now I am back. Not that a newborn needs a nursery done but I know I can spend the time I want now and not later so I better get it done, the sewing things have yet to be removed from the room yet though. 

Sorry this is a very random post with lots of odds and ends, once I am caught up and have you caught up things will go back to normal. 
In other news, while I was gone my husband found some killer deals for a projector and speakers and has set up a home theater in the family room. I am sure a new subwoofer is just what every newborn needs in the house, but he has been enjoying it in the meantime at least. Poor kid might grow up thinking it lives in a war zone, but at least it hopefully will not be a light sleeper. I give him a hard time but I was very impressed when he showed it off and its truly very cool, and with town and the theater being so far away I think we will have lots of fun with it. We had some friends over Saturday to give it a go and they loved it too, and we had a great time. I will have to take some pictures of that next. 
Thats plenty for now, I will try to make a more normal post soon. And of course post pictures of the baby's room when its done!

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